High Potency Garlic contains sulphurous components, one of which is allicin, which is the active constituent that provides immune benefits. High-Potency Garlic contains a special chlorophyll cover, to enclose its freshness. This helps control the odor while ensuring its effectiveness and storage life.

The contents of the tablet will not be released until it reaches the small intestine, thanks to this you will receive the nutritional value of garlic without feeling an unpleasant taste. Comparing the total potential of allicin (TAP) with other brands has shown that Nature’s Sunshine is the leader. One tablet is equal to 1,200 mg fresh garlic.


Stimulates and improves blood circulation.
It supports the immune system.
It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and inhibits the formation of blood clots.
Hypotensive: Lowers blood pressure.
Protects the elasticity of the aorta (elasticity is important to avoid an aortic aneurysm).


Take 1 tablet with a meal once or twice a day.

Mega Chel; Defense Maintenance, Immune Formula.


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