Alternative Energy Plus Filter Package

How to install the Energy Plus water filter in the sink

Step 1: Select the location

Place the filter on the Energy plus filter closest to the cold water line, which is usually on the right side of the tap. Shut off the water

WARNING: The water filter must only be installed on cold water.

Step 2: Select the position of the handle

The handle can be installed in the wash basin for a waterpipe normally. If you have installed a wash basin and now plan to plan this change or if you do not have an existing hole, you will need to drill a hole in the table level.

If you are drilling a new hole, try to put it as close to the sink as possible, either on the edge of the metal, if it has 40 mm of free space or on the side of the washbasin if not.

The water line is suitable for a hole of 12 mm or larger. Drill through the metal pipe first a small indentation where you want to install the tap. (NOTE: USE SILENCE PROTECTION you drill holes.)

Step 3: Place a faucet

Unplug the hardware handle for later use, then slide the large chrome plunger over the shaft and then the large rubber foam. Place the pin stem through the rubber blade hole. Slide the large metal washer and the nut into the pin. Tighten the nut to secure the nut in place.

Step 4: Install the self-regulating water line / valve connector.

Note: Always check the local pipe codes before touching the water line.

WARNING: THE WEIGHT OF WATER SUPPLY MUST NOT MORE THAN 100 PSI. If the correct pressure is not set, the device may leak / burst.

a. Install the drilling valve into the pipe. Keep the plate and saddle valve straight against each other. Tighten the screw so that the saddle valve and rear plate are tight against the tube.

Connect the water outlet pipe from the source to the valve body with a compression joint. Slide the nut and sleeve into the tube (in the order). Install the plastic fitting set in the white hose. Install the tube with the sleeve and sleeve in the valve body. Screw the press nut onto the valve body. Tighten. Turn the seat adjusting valve handle clockwise until it is firmly in place and the drill bit is fully extended.

Connect the pipe between the filter connection and the faucet. Unplug the press nut from the socket. Remove the red cap. Slide the tube pipe clamp nut into the tube and push the tube until the tube stops. Tighten the clamp nut of the connector assembly.

WARNING: Do not open the valve until the system is activated. Open the cold water.

Check the seat kick valve installation to ensure leakage.

Step 5: Connect the tube.

Connect the pipe from cold water (water pipe) to the water filter inlet. Leave sufficient hose in the tube so that the unit can easily be removed on the filter cartridge. Measure and cut the square tube end.

1. Open the clamp nut anticlockwise in the connection.

2. Turn the quick-connect male thread into the water inlet pipe.

3. Push the clamp nut at the end of the pipe. Push the hose through the tube into the quick coupler.

4. Screw the clamp nut into the quick coupler. Squeeze safely. The system is now connected.

Step 6: Test your system

Open a new tap and turn the power on slowly. Check for leakage in connection pipes or filter cartridges.

If there is a leak, switch off the power immediately and check all connections again.