The Energy Plus water filter system is a unique water treatment plant for improving water quality. This filter system employs high removal of pollutants as well as the proven power of advanced bioceramic balls that adds minerals to water. The alkaline water provides more powerful antioxidant water properties.

We understand that removing pollutants is a very good feature for healthy water.

Like others, we strongly believe that water is drinked for the sake of making our body alkaline and this event increases the antioxidant properties of the filter, in addition ionization adds energy to water.

Many of the filters under the sink may effectively remove impurities, these filter systems may leave the water a little acid or poor quality. Therefore, the filter that filters the water should be alkaline also just so good water is obtained for our health

Next Generation Drinking Water

The Energy Plus water filter was developed taking into account different requirements for healthy water.

This is a unique four-stage system with 4 filter cartridges in which filters 1 and 2 remove contaminants from the water using multiple processes by filtering and maintaining the filter. Filters 3 and 4 then alkalizes water and energize water by changing the water voltage, water is filtered using biochemical technology that is a combination of natural own minerals.

You no longer need to have expensive electron ionizers to get alkaline antioxidant water.

The water filter system “Energy Plus” achieves high water purification by smoothing large harmful substances such as chlorine, fluorine, lead and other heavy metals, hardness, bacteria, viruses, cysts and dissolved organic compounds such as benzene, pesticide surplus and THM.

But do not just take our word: The University of Edinburgh tested the filter thoroughly and found that this Energy Plus filter will effectively remove the above-mentioned harmful substances.

“We tested the” Energy Plus “filter with a typical life span of about 5,000 liters for about a year in a three-family family. The study also found that the filter effectively filters out the filter by removing water: Chlorine, fluorine, lead, heavy metals and organic impurities

Organic contaminants were tested for estradiol (hormone), bisphenol A or BPA (plasticizer and known hormone disadvantage) and chlorophenol (pesticide).

Three organic pollutants were reduced below the detection limit.

In addition to removing the contaminants contained in the water, the Energy Plus filter lifted
Water pH and increased levels of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium in filtered water “.

Dr. Andrea Semiao, Department of Technology – University of Edinburgh
Water Filtration System Energy Plus is a compact device that is easy to place under the sink (you do not need a storage tank). Comes with an attractive filtered water tap that fits your wash basin underneath the knockout and is easy to install.

Alternatively, it can be connected to a three-way wash basin.

Simply connect a filter to an existing pipe with a cold water tap, connect the pipe to a pipe from which tap water is fed to the filter.

The filter cartridges should be replaced approximately once a year.
During the normal year of household use (about 5,000 liters a year)


Biocera Products

Ceramic balls for water purification and now alkaline cleaning appliances for the well-being market, Convenient shower heads and other products for the well being products that combat environmental pollution that cause disturbances in the body and build up of free radicals.


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