The new Biocera shower head gives your body a happy shower that’s what it deserves!

Removes chlorine from the shower water, in addition to energizing water and adding minerals.

Chlorine is normally added to water by the state because:

It is a killer disease agent, but chlorine intake and exposure to the skin of our largest body is not good for us either:

Anything that touches our skin or our eating goes directly to our bloodstream is therefore very important to always emphasize the water you use.
this has a direct impact:

• Skin problems
• breathing problems
• itchy rash
• Allergies

It is also believed that chlorine is a carcinogen.

It is equally important to remove chlorine from our drinking water as our drinking water.

Filtering water, shower water is not just preventing diseases;

It also makes the shower a more enjoyable experience, eliminating chlorine scent while protecting skin and hair from damage.

Sturdy and easy to install, the Biocera shower head is perfect for those who are sensitive to chlorine or, in fact, anyone who wants to avoid contact with chlorine completely.

Like other Biocera filters, the shower also powers water with far infrared technology and even disinfects water.

In addition, it helps to save about 25% of water.

Replace filter every 2 to 4 months depending on usage


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