is a refreshing and moisturizing facial shower that:

Produces mineral antioxidant natural hydrogen water witch have long lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.

Includes NSF Certified Ceramic Balls which:

Produces plenty of hydrogen and lots of infrared energy in water. By converting ordinary water chemically enriching it with hydrogen.

It makes the water molecules smaller and thus they are absorbed into the skin faster and easier

Prevents bacterial growth in water.

Hydrogen water for face and surfaces is easy to use; Just fill the bottle with clean water and spray it over your face or surfaces witch you want to disinfect.

The product lasts for 2-3 years using the instructions.

The spray gun works with Biocera ceramic balls.

NSF-certified antioxidant Biocera AO balls and glass balls with low electrical current ionize and activate water, increasing mineral content and hydrogen capacity.

The AO balls produce plenty of hydrogen in the water that neutralizes the activated oxygen. TO balls make water molecules smaller and easier to absorb to the skin better.

Biocera AG balls are made of silver, zeolite, apatite, quartz, etc. When water produces colloidal silver water that disinfects harmful bacteria, viruses, inflammations, mushrooms yeast without side effects and, on the other hand, destroying good bacteria.