It contains fiber from 5 different sources: Psyllium shell, Apple pectin, oat bran, Guar gum and Arabic gum, achieving a 3.8 g of soluble fiber and 0.6 gr of insoluble fiber.

It is the only source of fiber on the market that contains the Synerpro blend of concentrated vegetables and cruciferous vegetables, recognized for its anticancer effect. It contains no sodium and is rich in potassium.

It contains stevia a natural sweetener 300 times sweeter than sugar, which allows to obtain a product with less calories and reduced glycemic index.

It provides 3.8 grams of fiber per serving (3.2 g of soluble fiber and 0.6 g of insoluble fiber).
Helps eliminate some of the fats ingested with food.
Helps reduce sugar assimilation.
It helps to feel a feeling of fullness with the intake of small portions of food.
Promotes reduced blood cholesterol levels.
Promotes waste disposal.


Add 1 teaspoon to 250 ml of any liquid before dinner or breakfast, beat vigorously, drink immediately.


Psyllium Hulls; Liquid Chlorophyll; Healthy Starter Pack

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