Carbo Grabbers contains an amylase inhibitor derived from northern white beans, which help reduce the calories available in the body. It interferes naturally and healthily with the digestion of carbohydrates and starches. The amylase inhibitor prevents the enzymatic disaggregation of some food starches, these undigested starches are carried through the intestinal tract, where the body will remove them. This makes avoiding carbohydrates (a common practice among some who follow diets) a thing of the past.

We’ve added by 18 g portion of the patented form of chromium that adheres to food. Chromium helps transport blood glucose to cells. This means that Carbo Grabbers provides additional help to maintain already normal blood sugar levels. Chromium can also have a positive effect on blood fat levels.


Reduces the conversion of starch into assimilable calories.
Reduce available carbohydrates.
It helps the body in its efforts to maintain normal blood sugar levels.


Take 1 to 2 capsules before a high-carb meal.


Nopal; Sugar Reg; Fat Grabbers

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