Find The Origin of Imbalance

We acknowledge that everyone is unique. Hence, it is all about your commitment in ensuring an effective result.

Don’t wait for your life to sort itself out, take control and sort it out!

External analysis is based on visual as well as tactile interpretation, either from pictures or face to face muscle testing, where we communicate with the subconscious, using supplementary questions that help to map out the customer’s current situation.

 is a very accurate diagnostic/analyzing tool where the professional is communicating with your Subconscious mind by Autonomic response testing (muscle testing) to find out what is preventing the healing process.

Aminoacid Analysis – Balance your brain chemistry in 48hrs –free from insomnia, panic Attack, burn out, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, addiction.

Hypothyroidism is a very common problem, with about 5 million people suffering from hypothyroidism in America. Globally, the figure is suspected to be half a Billion.

Addiction is a complex thing, because of the triggers, the source is often hidden from us. When a person experiences addiction, they lose control of an area in their life and instead become dependent on an action that can help them cope with day-to-day life.

“The future is less manifested than the past” The regression uses a deep relaxation technique that goes deep all the way to hypnosis.

The 6 Tissue Terrain Analysis is a great way to learn all the Working systems in your body.

Listen, Feel, relax

When we meditate, we inject a long-lasting benefit into our lives.
We lower our stress levels, and we connect. Let the sound walk through your Meditation.