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A couples therapist who followed traditional methods

 is a very accurate diagnostic/analyzing tool where the professional is communicating with your Subconscious mind by Autonomic response testing (muscle testing) to find out what is preventing the healing process.

We are glad you have found your way to this awesome technique that is called 90 days of
a business plan which you can of course do on your own when you first learn thetechnique.

At Qi-Optima, we offer Autonomic Response Testing (ART), which is a method used in psychokinesiology to test the light/energy body.

In Qi-Optima we want to build a solid foundation of a functional and great network of professionals who work together seamlessly.

“The future is less manifested than the past” The regression uses a deep relaxation technique that goes deep all the way to hypnosis.

The external analysis utilizes various physiological factors, such as the iris, face, skin, nails and tongue, to assess the state of health and individual.

The 6 Tissue Terrain Analysis is a great way to learn all the Working systems in your body.


Transformative Therapy

Get one-on-one support from anywhere via video or phone for deep, transformative healing

Normally 690€
introductory offer: 450€

💠We use Autonomic Response Testing, also called muscle testing, to find the best technique for you. Our techniques work well and usually require fewer sessions.

💠We’ll make a custom plan for you based on your needs. This package includes 5 hours of treatment, taking 3 to 10 sessions, depending on your situation.

💠We’re available on WhatsApp every day from 7 AM to 10 PM. Send us voice and text messages to report your symptoms and get quick help with your progress. We’ll also let you know if you need urgent therapy sessions.

Therapy and supplements Combine

The most proactive approach to long-term care incorporates all the features of both plans.

Normal price 514€
introductory offer: 315€

💠We do an Amino Acid analysis that’s crucial for producing 60 hormones. To achieve this, the right nutrition balance is important.

💠We also offer a six-tissue terrain analysis that checks 11 body systems such as cold, hot, stressed, etc. Based on the results, we’ll suggest solutions to balance them and reduce your symptoms.

💠You’ll also get 3-hour therapy sessions tailored to your needs, determined with autonomic response testing. You can do the sessions on video or by phone.

Herbal Medicine

Our team has experience dealing with serious chronic illnesses that synthetic drugs don’t always solve.

Normal price: 750€
introductory offer: 620€

💠We study your current programs and do autonomic response testing to create an inventory of 30 supplements or medications. We prioritize natural options to avoid harmful side effects and offer feedback for your doctor.

💠Amino Acid analysis is done to ensure balanced hormones, which are vital for wellness. We also do a six tissue terrains analysis to evaluate your 11 body systems for balance.

💠 Based on your symptoms, we offer tailored programs like heavy metal cleanse, Candida cleanse, Parasite cleanse, general cleanout, or weight loss.