TOUCH PROTEIN wild berry 900g



Now the larger size 540g package has CHANGED to a 900g package!

• High bioavailability and digestibility
• Satiating
• Muscle toner
• Optimization of tissue formation.
• Muscle recovery
• Help the transport of fatty acids and obtain energy
• Reduce the cholesterol
• Improve calcium absorption
• Support in the formation of collagen, to give connective tissue support (bones, cartilage, skin, tendons)
• Free of gluten or allergens

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TOUCH PROTEIN wild berry 900g

A dietary supplement that is pea protein flavored with wild berries.

Touch of Synergy’s pea protein is the best option if you want to include a high-quality, delicious-tasting vegan protein in your diet. Thanks to its excellent amino acid composition, pea protein is the best vegetable protein you can use and provides comparable nutritional value to whey protein. Intended for all those who need extra protein and who care about their health, such as athletes, seniors and people with high physical consumption.




Touch protein is ideal for anyone who wants to use pure plant protein, without lactose, gluten and cholesterol. It is also suitable for all those people who want to reduce their consumption of animal proteins and increase the amount of their dietary proteins, Even if they are not vegetarians. The origin and procurement process of the plant proteins that make up the touch protein is performed
physical processes without the use of chemical solvents such as hexane.


It is a readily bioabsorbable and easily absorbed protein by the body with such a low glycemic index that its benefits make it a perfect addition to a person who wants to control their weight. To increase muscle mass, it is even mandatory to use a protein drink for recovery, so Touch Protein corrects this deficiency as well. Growing children and the elderly sometimes eat poor Touch Protein to restore the necessary nutrients and restore appetite again.




Touch protein can be ingested at any time of the day, acting as an excellent recovery drink after heavy consumption as the amino acid composition is very extensive. Improve recovery. You can also enjoy before going to bed, for breakfast and during the day.



Omega 3, Mega chelated veg. , Siam Stick AE Super Suplemetal vitamins & minerals, proactazyme, B vitamins, calcium,



Touch Protein can be consumed at any time of the day Thanks to its excellent amino acid profile
can be consumed after training to boost recovery. Also before bedtime and between hours.


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all our Essential and Vegetable Oils are 100% pure, 100% organic and 100% biological, carefully selected from suppliers all over the world. We certify that each batch is original raw material, grown organically, harvested at the right time and we guarantee that it has not been adulterated with other substances.