Biocera Silver Face Protector

Silver is the only natural antimicrobial protection that will not harm you or nature!

This Biocera Silver Face Protector is created with high quality ATB-UV + fabric:
This mask is made of antibacterial silver with a special technique with an efficiency of 99.9%. It absorbs moisture and sweat quickly and is comfortable to breathe. Effectively removes bad odors with deodorizing functions.




Silver is the only natural anti-microbial biological protection that will not harm you or nature!

BIOCERA ATB-UV + Fabric has 99.9% antibacterial power by applying the silver Antimicrobial agent to fabric with special technology. It absorbs Moisture and sweat quickly and is comfortable to Breathe.

With its excellent deodorizing function, it is effective in removing bad breath and has excellent cost-effectiveness for hand washing.

Started with Greed that cannot be missed from fabric to function | 100% Korean made


mask size


Waterproof Material

Since water parks or beaches are close to each other, you should protect them from viruses by wearing a mask. Biocera mask is made of waterproof material that prevents virus infection and does not get wet even if it enters water.



Excellent Elasticity with Safety in Textile

Some dyes used in textiles may cause skin irritation, skin allergies, atopy dermatitis, and even skin cancer.


Strong Antimicrobial Silver Ag + Performance

Safety and reliability certification by securing 99.9% antibacterial against Bacteria and harmful infectious Bacteria and bacterial Suppression reports that can occur when wearing for a long time such as coughing and sneezing


99.9% against Klebsiella pneumoniae
Excellent antibacterial effect against pneumococcal Bacteria that cause infection, cough, shortness of breath, pain, and diarrhea


99.9% against Staphylococcus aureus
Excellent antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus causing pneumonia, bloodstream infection, Fever, pain, skin purulent, food poisoning, and bad breath


Precautions when laundry

Antimicrobial properties will remain if precautions when washing are followed.

Prior use, simply hand Wash and dry, before wearing.


Precautions for use

Be sure to follow the washing method for the 50 times reusable Biocera antibacterial facemask.
Wash with lukewarm water below 27 ℃ (80.6 ° F) and neutral detergent.
If breathing is uncomfortable or if skin abnormalities appear, discontinue use immediately.
After washing, dry completely before use.
Rinse to avoid residual detergent.
We recommend washing once a day.


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