Silver Shield First Aid Pack


Silver Shield First aid pack

Include: Patented Silver Sol Technology

Silver Shield gel for skincare and natural disinfection painlessly.

Silver Shield 118ml liquid patented nano colloidal silver internally.

The First aid kit contains: 180 parts

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Silver Shiel gel:

Every home hurts and happens and that’s when it’s best to have a Silver Shield first aid kit at hand. The best thing about Silver Sheild Gel is that it doesn’t kill good bacteria so adding it directly to the wound doesn’t hurt at all, especially in wound care for young children, it’s quite a dream come true!


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Silver Shield Gel (20 ppm) (85g)


Silver Shield 118ml liquid

The internal safe patented Aguasol Technology uses nanoparticulate colloidal silver, which the body, therefore does not digest at all. So the silver particles only defend the body’s own immune system. The long shelf life of the product makes it easy to store. Completely odorless and tasteless is easy to use.


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Silver Shield Liquid 118ml

First aid kit 182 parts:

1 x Blue scissors

1 x Pliers

1 x Sterile gauze pad

1 x Sterile gauze pad

1 x Suitable bandage 7.5cm x 4.5cm

1 x Suitable bandage 5cm x 4.5cm

1 x Patch 1.25 cm x 5m

1 x Self-adhesive bandage 2.5cm x 4.5cm

1 x tightening bandage 46cm

1 x 30 x 1 alcohol manufacturing pad 3 x 6 cm

4 x 1 Iodine pad 5x 5cm

4 x 1 injection relief pillow 5 x 5 cm

30 x 1 gauze 7.2 x 9 cm

4 x 1 Antiseptic wet wipes 5 x 6 cm

4 x 1 Soap towels 5 x 6 cm 4

20 x 1 Round ribbons

2 x 1 H shaped band

2 x 1 sealing tape

1 x Wound dressing 6 x 7 cm

1 x Wound dressing 6 x 10 cm

2 x 1 Triangular bandage 96 x 96 x 136 cm

50 x 1 Cotton swabs

10 x 1 Safety pins

1 x Emergency blanket 130cm x 210cm

1 x Raincoat large

1 x fuel binding 60x40cm

1 x First Aid Instructions (in English)

1 x high frequency whistle

1 x nylon bag 22 x 14 x 6 cm

1 x Silver Shield 118ml liquid nano silver

1 x Silver Shield Gel Silver gel


Keep you and your family safe with this simple Silver Shield first aid kit, order it now!

The delivery time depends on whether all the parts of the first aid kit are on the shelf if they are not the maximum delivery time is 1 month in the best case you will receive the product already in a week. You will be notified of the delivery time of your order after ordering or you can also inquire about it in advance! Anyway, the product is great and no one sells such a package, so it’s worth the wait!


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