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Are you looking to expand your knowledge, insight, solutions, and support regarding self-sufficiency, sustainability, and healthy organic life? Well, look no further as Niklas Christides, the founder of DolceVitaGlobal, is a true pioneer in self-sufficiency and runs this 3x 60min coaching course on the subject covering the following subjects:
1) What is self-sufficiency and why should I strive for it
2) My well-being plan
3) My next self-sufficiency steps
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Are you looking for information, solutions, insights, and support on your path to self-sufficiency and healthy organic life?

Niklas Christides, the founder of DolceVitaGlobal, is a true pioneer in self-sufficiency. Niklas and DVG co-founder Rocco Parisi have been building the business towards a self-sufficient community model since 2014 and together they shaped their initial vision of a different world of sustainable consumption and community over 20 years ago. These close friends believe in the power of nature and that living in synergy with nature is an excellent lifestyle choice as well as a responsible act. As we move our lives towards self-sufficiency and break out of the shackles of society we can finally experience freedom. The freedom to choose the path that was meant for us and find our ultimate power through this process. We will also learn to take responsibility, for ourselves and those we choose to accept into our lives.

Make impossible possible!

Many believe that achieving self-sufficiency and natural organic health is unachievable, but it is not so. Niklas is the best possible example of this, he lives a very rich life even though he has given up many worldly things, things that most people would stick to including relationships, material possessions, work, and power, large house… so join us for QiOptima zoom where Niklas tells us about self-sufficiency and his journey, you can also ask him questions about his experiences and how he feels that we should take our destiny back into our own hands through self-sufficiency.

It is good to remember that self-sufficiency is not a simple and easy thing to achieve, it requires a lot of work, skill, and systematic action, but when you have a model and knowledge of how to approach and pursue self-sufficiency it will cut any corners and make the whole idea much more attainable. Niklas and Rocco want to share their knowledge so that more people can move towards self-sufficiency, because humans in their view need to change the way they live and start creating a stronger respectful bond with nature. Self-sufficiency is also a matter of interpretation, so everyone should create their own definition of it, and when getting started we should make sure it is clear to us what self-sufficiency means and how to get there?

Take advantage of the ‘Self-sufficiency and holistic health’ course run by Niklas Christides to get answers to the questions you are looking for in regards of self-sufficiency.

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Niklas Christides


The course is individual and costs 119,79 euros.

The course will be held remotely over zoom 3x 60min where we go through
1) What is self-sufficiency and why should I strive for it
2) My well-being plan

3) My next self-sufficiency steps

The course is specially designed for those who want to delve into the topic of self-sufficiency and create a concrete change in their own lives. The course allows you to ask questions and the idea is to strengthen our faith and confidence in self-sufficiency and that it truly is a concrete opportunity for all of us, whether rich or poor. The course also aims to address fears related to self-sufficiency (such as survival, the nature of money, skills required …).



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