Regression to the future


โ€œThe future is less manifested than the pastโ€ The regression uses a deep relaxation technique that goes deep all the way to hypnosis. Regression can be done in the past or the future. The more we go into the past we also begin to manifest it in our own lives, which is why I am doing regression into the past under extreme conditions. In regression into the future, it is important to find out if this treatment is right for you?

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This therapy form is not recommendable for everyone

We will find out if regression is right for you in the future. If it is not suitable we will find another treatment, such as Psychokinesiological treatment/analysis.
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For regression, always 60 minutes is enough time.

Hypnosis is a natural state and you will always experience hypnosis before falling asleep after waking up.
This is the stage in which part of our subconscious mind is at its most open and that is why we are able to get information from our subconscious mind about our future as our thoughts and feelings are manifesting our future.
First, we make the journey in hypnosis to your future vision if nothing changes in your life, and usually, this image is not very positive. We will take a close look at everything in the future until we travel ourselves into your future. This new future is hopefully a dream come true.

In the new future

You will discuss with your successful self how he did it and he/she will give you instructions. Finally, at the end of our time, you will write yourself a letter that your future self will write to you.

Manifesting is usually difficult because we need to find a feeling that most of the time we have never had this treatment allows you to feel what it feels like to be successful and successful thus making it easier to achieve your goals.

Looking forward to your future if you don’t know the suitability, book your first free conversation first and you will receive a program and a discount offer which is valid for one week.


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