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Psychokinesiology treatment/analysis


Psychokinesiology Treatment/Analysis is a holistic approach that combines psychology, neurology, and kinesiology to identify and resolve physical and emotional issues. Using muscle testing, practitioners pinpoint stressors and release blockages with energy-based therapies, such as acupressure and meridian tapping. Our complementary healthcare service trusts in the body’s own self-healing process, activating it in five levels of healing. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards optimal health and wellbeing.


Psychokinesiology treatment/analysis is a powerful technique that helps identify and resolve the root cause of physical and emotional problems. It is a holistic approach that combines elements of psychology, neurology, and kinesiology to provide a personalized treatment plan.

During the session, the practitioner will use muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s energy system. By assessing the body’s response to different stimuli, they can identify specific stressors that are causing physical or emotional symptoms.

Once the stressors have been identified, the practitioner will work to release blockages in the energy system using a combination of techniques, including acupressure, meridian tapping, and other energy-based therapies. This allows the body to return to a state of balance and promotes natural healing.

Psychokinesiology treatment/analysis is effective in treating a wide range of problems, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, digestive disorders, and more. It is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to traditional medical treatments that addresses the underlying causes of symptoms rather than just masking them.

If you are struggling with physical or emotional issues and are looking for a natural, holistic approach to healing, psychokinesiology may be the right option for you. Contact us today to schedule your session and begin your journey to optimal health and wellness.

We believe that each person is unique and has different needs. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation where we can get to know you, understand your challenges, and determine how we can help you. During this session, we will listen to your concerns, explore your symptoms, and discuss the best approach for your specific situation.

Our method is based on psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs impact our health and well-being. Through mental practice and analysis, we can identify negative patterns and beliefs that may be preventing you from healing.

By working with us, you will learn practical techniques to manage stress, overcome anxiety and depression, and strengthen your immune system. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and achieve a better quality of life.

So if you’re ready to begin your healing journey, we invite you to schedule your free consultation today. Let’s work together to create a brighter, healthier future for you!



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7 reviews for Psychokinesiology treatment/analysis

  1. putra28

    I was impressed by their commitment to emotional release and subconscious exploration. The session facilitated an understanding of my energetic balance, leading to remarkable stress relief and a sense of rejuvenation.

  2. the riddles king

    In conclusion, Qi-Optima’s Psychokinesiology analysis and treatment services are a testament to their commitment to holistic health, complementary healthcare, and transformational therapy. The combination of these approaches, along with their expertise in the field, offers a powerful avenue for enhancing well-being, fostering emotional balance, and embarking on a journey of profound self-improvement.

  3. Marika

    I have tried alternative forms of treatment such as homeopathy, reflexology, Kalevala limb repair, etc. It has been so difficult to find a suitable form of treatment myself. software I came across psychokinesiology on Facebook. That’s the best. There is no need to search and think about what suits you. Minja immediately found the right exercise for me. It has helped me a lot. It’s nice when I understand where my problems stem from and with the help of the exercises I can get access to my own repressed emotions. I can release unconscious traumas.

  4. Mia

    I decided to try psychokinesiology therapy because I had tried all kinds of treatments in the world, and I thought it was time to try something different. I was tired of not finding the right treatment for me, and I thought maybe this would help. Since making this decision, I have been under Minja’s care for 10 years.

    I learned about psychokinesiology therapy through Minja when I visited her for an autonomous response testing session. I scheduled an appointment for psychokinesiology therapy and fell in love with this form of treatment completely. I fell in love so much that I even took psychokinesiology courses because I wanted to learn more about this amazing and miraculous form of therapy!

    I have had very difficult traumas, some of which have been inherited from my ancestors and others came from past lifetimes.I have not found a form of treatment that allows me to delve so deeply into these traumas using different techniques as psychokinesiology does, and to release the pain of these traumas. Before the treatments, I have sometimes been in a very difficult emotional state when a trauma has been triggered by some memory, and after the treatment, it’s such a liberating feeling to experience the difference in my own state on so many levels.

    I have received a lot of help from psychokinesiology for physical body issues as well. I was not aware of how physical body problems could be related to psychic traumas and how these could be treated in a multifaceted way through psychokinesiology therapy.

    It has been amazing to see how every psychokinesiology session has helped me grow as a person and move forward in my development.

    I highly recommend psychokinesiology therapy!

    Through this treatment, you can heal yourself comprehensively, taking into account all of our levels: physical, electromagnetic, mental, intuitive, and spiritual.

    I have not found such a treatment elsewhere, and I know I would probably regret it if I had not decided to undergo psychokinesiology therapy.

    Thank you, psychokinesiology, and thank you, Minja!

  5. KMaria

    Minja does treatments with all her heart <3
    He turns over every rock and stump to find the right products or treatments for his client. Everyone in our family has used Minja's services, including my mother and the dog 🙂 Minja has tested the vitamins and their doses suitable for our family and I wish we had tried to test them much earlier. We would not have bought unnecessary products that were not suitable for us. We were in a spiral of infection and after testing the right vitamins and treatments, as well as psychokinesiological treatments, our family has remained healthy, except for the child's one flu. My own mind has also been calmer when I know where to find help if needed <3

    Our dog also had a parasite problem, which showed up, for example, in poor fur quality and restlessness. With the products tested by Minja and the psychokinesiological treatment, we got rid of the parasites, we also got "cleaning courses" suitable for our family, and the dog's appearance and appearance have completely changed in a few months. The dog's diet was also changed and that has also been reflected in the dog's better health. For washing the fur and ticks that bother us in the summer, we found the right products, shampoo and essential oil mixture for our dog by testing Minja.

    I couldn't be more grateful to Minja and the psychokinesiology she did. This has helped our family in many ways and Minja is easy to turn to and always gets help when you need it <3

  6. Jari Hämäläinen

    Yeah, I’m seriously blown away by how much psychokinesiology has transformed my life. This whole thing is far from ordinary; it’s a whole new way of approaching things. I was totally in the dark before this – I had no idea that I could save big bucks by working on things in my subconscious. Crazy, right? So, I’ve tried all sorts of treatments before for my health, but the results were hit and miss. No wonder, since the real root of the problem was hidden.

    Here’s the deal: a physical symptom might actually be a secret message from your subconscious. Crazy, huh? Never crossed my mind before. Now, this thing, psychokinesiology, has opened up a whole realm of insights for me. Every time I dive into it, I gain a bit more self-awareness. I somehow get a better grasp of why I do what I do, what kind of person I truly am, and how amazing our bodies are as a whole.

    And hey, the best part about Minja – she’s like a ray of sunshine, always there and ready to help. She doesn’t judge, but keeps listening and brainstorming ways to untangle life’s puzzles. More times than I can count, I’ve gotten the help I needed from her. This whole deal, psychokinesiology, is all about how the mind and body are tightly connected. Even energy stuff is part of the picture. These past few months have been a real eye-opener – I’ve learned to break down barriers, let go of old emotions, and understand myself on a deeper level.

    You know, that muscle testing thing, or as Minja calls it, muscle assessment – it’s been pretty darn magical. It’s uncovered a whole new energy balance for me, and best of all, it’s helped me relax and shake off stress. Who would’ve thought?

    I’ve been through some pretty tough stuff, but this approach has helped me process it all. My mindset has cleared up, and healing from past traumas has been a major focus of this journey. I’m definitely going to keep heading in this direction.

    You know what? This experience has been way more than I expected. My goal was to achieve overall well-being, and now I truly believe it’s within reach. Psychokinesiology has opened up new perspectives and insights for me. Change therapy and mindfulness – they’re not just words anymore, they’re something I’m living.

    This journey is just beginning, but already I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for how much I’ve learned about myself and how deeply psychokinesiology has impacted my life. Seriously, I wholeheartedly recommend this gentle healing approach to everyone. If I can do it, you totally can too. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to Minja at Qi-Optima – she’s an amazing person to have by your side!”

  7. Camilla

    Sitten tämä teksti:

    About psychokinesiology: the first psychokinesiology is good, it takes place via an online remote, which is exactly the same as face-to-face live, no matter what. This is modern times, 2023, not like 1700, when we go somewhere to a customer. A common conversation that goes deeper than the surface and about everything, the traumas of life and the past are treated. After psychokinesiology, I feel internally/mentally that I have noticed a change in my state of mind. It can be seen in the quality of life and behavior and attitude towards life. My loved ones have also noticed that. I am forever grateful to Minja Zeus for this. Even though we have had disagreements, we have known each other for 11 years, according to the law of attraction, we have been on good terms. Minja and I always want good things, we have that in common. I have an unyielding character and I want to be well. It is a basic pillar and over time I have noticed a shadow in shining light.

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