Proactazyme 100 capsules natural digestion process


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Helps the body’s natural digestion
An effective yet gentle plant-based enzyme formula
Can help with flatulence and digestive disorders

In some countries this is difficult and slow to transport. A good alternative to Enzy + (touch of Synergy)

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Proactazyme 100 capsules natural digestion process

How It Works

Breaking food down into usable form requires digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes bind with food particles to enhance the reactions necessary to turn solid foods into liquid solutions of nutrients to be absorbed in the intestinal tract and used by our cells.

Enzymes have the capacity to process food at an amazing rate, making digestion infinitely more efficient. Refined foods and overcooked foods contain minimal, if any, enzymes.

Proactazyme is a unique, general-purpose, food-enzyme supplement to assist in the everyday digestion of most food types, including sugars, vegetable fibers, long-chain starches and proteins. It contains plant-sourced enzymes in a digestion-enhancing herbal base.


Protease, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, cellulase, hemicellulase, invertase, maltadiathase, alpha-galactosidase, peptidase, potassium, beta root fiber, cumin seeds, dandelion roots, fennel seeds, gentian root and ginger rhizomes.

Minja Zeus recommends this product: This product is like sent by heaven because it has removed my migraine. Be sure to watch my migraine video:

Remember that you need to find out clearly what is in your case the cause of a migraine or other indigestion problems from Exterior Analyze:

If you have indigestion problems and many skin problems it may be due to bad digestion these products work like magic and especially remember not to just add more protein if you have digestion problems as it may cause you kidney problems this is natural products and key products in order to relief your digestion by helping your foods to absorb better when your food absorbs better it will give you great results!

Proactazyme 100 capsules natural digestion process


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