Muscle Testing 30 min


The muscle test,

(ART = autonomic response test)

is a very precise analysis tool used in psycho-kinesiology that uses the subconscious ability to affect our central nervous system, our central nervous system is able to respond by tensing or relaxing the muscles.  Minja is doing this test for you online using my own body as an intermediary. In the universe, we are all one and I have experienced this since 2013 this technology works very well almost better when it is done through my body!



Muscle Testing Drug Inventory / For Supplements 30 min


Many of our cabinets can be found of all kinds and we don’t always have a lot of information about buying supplements and superfoods on a whim because someone has praised them in a magazine, on TV, or on social media. With supplements and superfoods, you are often affected by many things in your body and all plants have a certain amount of warm energy, and it cools, dries, hydrates, or makes you more tense or relaxed. All this affects and yet what you use in conjunction with a vitamin, mineral, etc. In particular … We recommend that everyone gets checked in person for muscle testing. To check if your supplements are good for you or useless and you could swap them out for perhaps more effective ones that don’t need to be consumed as much.



Medication inventory is essential if you want a comprehensive wellness program that includes herbs and supplements, as some medications do not allow you to take certain vitamins/supplements. Our professional will also read the leaflets and encourage you to read the leaflet and check the suitability of the medicine yourself, and if any inappropriate or other problems are always discussed with your doctor, we will create a schedule that does not interfere with your treatment schedule. of the doctor.


This 30 min session might not be enough we require you to send pictures of all of the medications and supplements that you want us to analyze then you`ll get an estimate of the time and price for this service and when you have paid this bill can start making this inventory.


Send the pictures to this e-mail:

Send Minja Zeus an email ( with photos of all medications, supplements, or superfoods and Minja will give you an estimate of how long it takes 30min 60min or 90min

Here’s how to view the results:
Allergy is labeled as follows: No allergy / 50% allergy /or 100% allergy

Use only products that are not allergic, no supplements or herbs are intended to tighten your body more.
For greater effectiveness, you can see the Ying level

(which means how deep is the relaxation space that the product gives you):

For example, I saw 10,000 Ying or 100,000 Ying, the higher the Ying, the more effective and the better for your health.


Remember we do not ever recommend you to stop your medicine without permission from your doctor.

If your doctor is not a holistic doctor we do recommend our highly appreciated Integrative Doctor Eudoxia Lopez.


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