Flower Of Salt Natural 100g Organic Fusion Kitchen


Flower of salt is the ultimate and purest type of salt with over 80 minerals, it really acts as a body and mind health booster.

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Avoid heating up flowers of salt, as you lose a lot of the minerals, best used as a garnish.



DolceVitaGlobal Authentic, clean, pure, organic and tasty We only distribute the highest quality locally produced ingredients and products across Europe. The origin and who we work with makes all the difference, which is why we focus our resources on ensuring we are fully content and familiar with the product origin, as well as production methods before we allow a product into our assortment. Organic is when the origins of the ingredients are fully known, where bio-diversity has been preserved both in the cultivation and growth stage until harvest, as well as during processing, packaging and transport. Only the best is enough for us and we always strive towards 100% authenticity, quality and purity in our ingredients. This in turn allows us to create and deliver a new, innovative, authentic and fresh gourmet experience with specialist products, recipes and awesome creations by our chefs who aim to represent biodiversity at its very best.


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