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Start with a first free conversation to see if professional therapy is right for you. We’ll identify your goals and negative symptoms, and conduct a mental practice to address any negative subconscious thoughts that may be impeding your progress. You’ll receive a personalized program to move towards your goals and live your optimal life. Reserve your free conversation now!



Start with a first free conversation to determine if receiving professional therapy is the right fit for you. We’ll begin our online meeting by discussing what you want in your life in a positive way, as everything is energy and being truly aligned with your desires is key. We’ll explore areas for improvement, whether it’s related to emotional or physical health, or relationships of any kind, including as a parent or child, at work, or with friends or with your partner. Negative symptoms, both physical and emotional, will also be discussed.

Next, we’ll conduct a mental practice to identify any negative subconscious thoughts that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Wealth is a reflection of how you value yourself, and self-confidence plays a crucial role in your optimal abundance and life happiness. Personal and professional growth are also important areas to focus on, and we’ll help you make improvements.

At the end of our meeting, armed with a better understanding of your situation, we’ll create a personalized program to help you move towards your goals and live your optimal life. Take the first step towards a better life and book your first free conversation today!

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10 reviews for first free conversation

  1. Gustavo Ramirez

    I recently had the opportunity to experience a session with Qi-Optima, a provider of complementary healthcare services that specialize in transformational therapy and holistic health practices. My encounter with their holistic wellness approach and alternative healing techniques left me truly impressed.

  2. listen feel relax

    The integrative health methods employed by Qi-Optima have resulted in a profound sense of holistic living and mindful healing. The transformational journey I began has set me on a path of self-improvement and a strong mind-spirit connection. I’m excited about the positive changes I’ve witnessed in myself since starting this holistic healing process.

  3. Jari Hämäläinen

    I was genuinely surprised by how enriching this first consultation was. Through the Qi-Optima-related visualization exercise, we delved deeper and uncovered aspects that I myself was not aware of, residing in the depths of my subconscious mind. Particularly, an awareness emerged of how much these subconscious negative thoughts have constantly influenced my life.

    The conversation also opened up intriguing perspectives into my past and its impact on the present moment. From the standpoint of holistic health, it’s eye-opening to realize how these negative beliefs have shaped my daily life. I greatly appreciated the offer made by Minja – it significantly eased the initiation of my personalized treatment program.

    While I have always considered myself as a whole, complementary healthcare methods like those associated with Qi-Optima truly complete the circle that seemed missing in Western medicine. Change therapy and a holistic approach are keywords that aptly describe this process. Through these methods, I feel I am gaining the opportunity for a comprehensive transformation in both health and well-being.

    This experience has aided me in finding inner peace and balance. I’ve noticed how my mind is becoming clearer and how the well-being of my emotions has improved. Stress relief and the balance of energy have drawn closer, and I can genuinely speak of personal growth and empowerment through this journey. It feels as if I’ve embarked on a path towards deepening self-awareness, which has opened new doors to natural healing.

  4. Anonymous

    The first free conversation time starts with remote chat. Imagination begins to produce unreal thoughts about the first free conversation. When the agreed day came with Minja Zeus, my thinking changed. The first free conversation will change your attitudes towards your own life and the changes in life and people around you. A new perspective, a change. Minja opens your first internal lock. I personally experienced an insight into my life and attitude towards this social interaction. I really recommend everyone to have their first free conversation from Qi-Optima!

  5. Marika

    The first free chat time was excellent. It felt like someone finally took me seriously, understood and saw all the pain I’ve had to bear alone. Life has been hard. There are many experiences of deprivation from childhood. The first conversation made me feel much easier.

    I later booked another appointment (psychokinesiology) when I needed support and help that I haven’t received elsewhere. Minja knew very well how to choose an exercise that was just right for me, where I got access to deep unconscious traumas. I have now done the same exercise twice a day at home for myself. You get a good access to your own feelings, which would otherwise get stuck in a vague bad feeling. Thank you Minja🤗 You know how to meet another person very well. Feels real.

  6. Mia

    I have been a client at Minja for 10 years now. I don’t remember everything about my first free consultation with Minja. I do remember being amazed at how much information came through this conversation.

    We delved deep into important matters of which I wasn’t even aware myself. It was truly astonishing that in just this one conversation, it felt like I had been in multiple psychotherapy sessions.

    During the conversation, I noticed how deeply Minja engaged in active listening and finding the best possible root causes. I felt that Minja genuinely cared, and I could speak freely with her without any sense of judgment.

    I have continued to use Minja’s treatments because I have received so much help in finding root causes and receiving the best care, such as through the services of psychokinesiology and autonomic response testing.

    With autonomic response testing, finding root causes has been swift, and it has even helped in serious situations to identify the root cause and the right treatment. In psychokinesiology treatments, I have received so much assistance in dealing with many traumas, difficult traumas, and even past life traumas.

  7. KMaria

    I never used the first free time but started directly with psychokinesiology. And I haven’t been disappointed. Minja tests so carefully that the product or treatment in question, even the right nurse, is definitely suitable for the user.

  8. Eija

    This conversation was really good, I thought about it for a while, then I took the plunge and it paid off. Very professional and Minja meets people as people, you can be yourself. We will get to the root causes of things/symptoms pretty soon. Minja makes a personal hygiene program. The picture exercise was really good, we also got a long way in what it is about and why. The first conversation was a lot easier for me because I found out why I have the symptoms that I have. Yes, I recommend Minja from the bottom of my heart to anyone who even thinks they should? Yes, it should 😊💚

  9. Alina Minerva

    I think this is a profitable deal for both. Feel free to explore whether Minja’s ways and methods are suitable for you.

    Minja is good at solving people’s mystery problems. He lives as he teaches and also takes care of herself regularly.

    I think she has that Genuine Love for fellow human beings. She really focuses on solutions instead of problems. That, if anything, I think is admirable in a person.

    Minja always says that psychokinesiology is suitable for everyone. In a way, I understand it, because you can try it for any ailments, but psychokinesiology is definitely not for everyone.

    -Only because genuine healing is not the solution everyone wants.

    I haad have to be a bit hard-headed, stubborn hearted, have to dare to surrender, I had have to be vulnerable and I really need to want to heal myself. You have to be a bit stubborn and not give up right away and blame others for your own lack of results.

    We need and receive support, but we have to take responsibility for our recovery. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth all the work it takes!

  10. Tiina

    Wonderful phone encounter. While talking, I experienced being heard and gained confidence that even the most difficult issues can be overcome, and ‘barriers’ to happiness can be dismantled/treated, enhancing the smoothness and well-being of life. During our conversation, I formed an encouraging image of Minja, and of course, it is part of the treatment process to contribute one’s own share for achieving good results in the overall context. She honestly explained the course of the treatment process. During the call, I had an experience of treatment where analysis met my own thoughts. I need a moment to digest how to continue the collaboration, and I will certainly, at some point, cooperate and begin the treatment process.

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