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The external analysis utilizes various physiological factors, such as the iris, face, skin, nails and tongue, to assess the state of health and individual characteristics. The goal is to identify potential health problems and offer individual recommendations to promote well-being.

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External analysis is a versatile method based on the examination of various physiological factors in order to assess the state of health. This analysis uses several parts of the body, such as the iris, face, skin, nails and tongue, whose features and condition can provide valuable information about an individual’s health and possible imbalances.

Iris analysis (iridology) is based on the belief that the iris reflects the state of the body and genetic characteristics. The roots of this tradition are thousands of years old, and different areas of the iris correlate to different organs and parts of the body. Genetic weaknesses and strengths and even personality traits can also be interpreted from the iris.

Facial analysis utilizes the principles of Chinese medicine, and the features of different parts of the face are related to the state of the body. This analysis can give indications of inflammation, parasites, stress and slag level.

Skin analysis helps to identify internal issues and psychological connections to the state of the body. The skin reflects the accumulation of waste products and possible inflammation, and its condition can also be connected to psychological challenges.

Nail analysis provides information on nutritional deficiencies, internal health and psychological factors. The color, shape and texture of the nails can reveal many health problems.

Language analysis is based on Chinese medicine, which sees the language as a mirror instead of the body. The color, moisture and shape of the tongue can give clues about the body’s function and health.

All these analyzes are combined to get a comprehensive picture of an individual’s health and well-being. Based on this information, individual recommendations and treatment instructions are offered, which can be used to promote better health and well-being.

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