Essential oil oregano compact 10ml


EAN: ES4015

AE Oregano (10 ml) Oregano compact (Origanum compactum)

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Essential oil oregano compact 10ml  This type of essential oil is powerful in infection control and its use can be only one: pesticides (viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi).

Oregano essential oil
Compact origin
Edible essential oil is also delicious as a spice, and one drop is enough for pizza sauce, for example.
Touch of Synergy’s essential oils is of such high quality that edible herbs are all edible as essential oils.

Remember that some essential oils are toxic because the plant is toxic, so if you don’t know, find out first from complementary health professional.

10 ml.

It is a leader in antibacterial aromatherapy, but it has high caustics, so as a diffusion we find it systematically in small amounts in synergies.

With the Essential oil oregano compact 10ml, We recommend diluting it in olive oil or honey.


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all our Essential and Vegetable Oils are 100% pure, 100% organic and 100% biological, carefully selected from suppliers all over the world.
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