Cannabis Sativa CBD oil 11ml


We all have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies

This makes Cannabis CBD oil a very effective aid in health promotion.

In humans and many other mammals, there is a cannabinoid receptor mediator called anandamide. It is thought to be a fine-tuner of dopamine levels in the brain and many intracorporeal stimuli, among other things. That’s why cannabinoids specifically balance your body.

Humans and several other mammals have a naturally occurring (i.e., endogenous) cannabinoid receptor mediator called anandamide.

THC acts at the cannabinoid receptor to accelerate receptor activity, i.e., as an agonist. This has been identified as the primary cause of intoxication in cannabis.


Remember this product does not contain any THC!

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Cannabinoids of hemp and their pharmacology


Cannabis and its chemistry have been studied for more than 150 years, with the first isolation of pure delta-1-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-1-THC), also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-9-THC, or THC only. Which was found to be the most important psychoactive component in 1970. Since then, about 60 other ingredients, commonly referred to as cannabinoids, have been isolated from plants of the Cannabis species. So far, no cannabinoids have been found in any other plant. In total, more than 400 chemicals have been isolated from hemp plants to date.


Cannabis Sativa CBD Oil 11ml, Why Sativa?


There are several different varieties of cannabis such as Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa.

The Ruderals variety grows easily everywhere and has low levels of THC and naturally high levels of CBD making it the best medicinal cannabis without a laboratory.

The Indica variety thrives and lives in harsh places like the mountains of Pakistan. This species is high in THC and has a strong body relaxing effect, which is why it has been used more in pain relief treatments.

The Sativa variety grows in hot tropics and needs a lot of sun. This variety is filled with cbd oil and its THC oil is naturally low. Sativa tends to provide an energizing and euphoric psychoactive effect. In addition, people who use it regularly claim that it allows a clearer, more relaxed and focused mind to succeed in social cases or focus on projects at hand. Some believe this is due to severely high CBD levels and balanced terpenes (responsible for the smell of flowers). psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis) and is used to make CBD products such as Touch of Synergy CBD oils and other wellness products.


Touch of Synergy Cannabis Sativa 11ml CBD oil

Our body receives, balances the body’s balance through CB1 and CB2 receptors, these receptors are mostly in the central nervous system and rarely in the peripheral nervous system. CB2 receptors, in turn, are predominantly involved in immune mechanisms in the lymph nodes, and this type of receptor is responsible for the immunomodulatory properties of cannabis. CB1 thus acts as a predominant modifier of the state of the central nervous system in cannabis. We are a psychophysical entity and our bodies strive to strike a balance. Touch of Synergy Essential oils is the safest way to start balancing your body!


We have many forms of cannabis oils and soon we will put them online, but meanwhile ask about them and we will find out what will fit your needs the best


Touch of Synergy Essential oils are always pure and contain only those ingredients that are labeled, so the prices of products may seem expensive when very many other brands do not put 100% plant but use additives and fillers.

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Internal usage:

You can use this product orally by adding 1-5 drops in a tablespoon of olive oil or Coconut virgin oil 1-2 times a day.


You can also use this product externally as skincare mixing it with other carrier oils we recommend you use muscle testing to find the best matching oil.


You can add 1-5 drops on the water 1-2 times a day and it can run up to 1 – 6hours.




Touch of Synergy Products

all our Essential and Vegetable Oils are 100% pure, 100% organic and 100% biological, carefully selected from suppliers all over the world. We certify that each batch is original raw material, grown organically, harvested at the right time and we guarantee that it has not been adulterated with other substances.


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