Biocera Jug + 2 Filters


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The Biocera Alkaline Jug add natural minerals to the water. Which alkalize water. Electromagnetic radiation clumps water molecules which causes water to not be able to be absorbed. Biocera separates water molecules, and water is re-absorbed from the cell wall, hydrating, cleansing and promoting the absorption of nutrients into your body.




Biocera jug + 2 filters

Alkaline antioxidant water has never been more economical due to bioceramics technology. The basic jug of Biocera can be a standard filter cartridge but the implementation is different. When the product is presented in Great Britain in 2009, the results were quite different, as those who want to get the right body hydration and alkaline balance use Biocera Bioceramic Technology.

Features of the Biocera water ionizing jug:

• The jug alkalizes the water, typically raising the pH from 7.5 to 9.5
• Changes ORP (Reduces Water Oxidative Stress) in water as it has antioxidant properties
• Bio-ceramic balls, releasing small amounts of natural energy into water, which improves the structure of the water as it hydrates it better
• Filters chlorine and reduces heavy metals and other impurities
Bioceramic utilizes- The strength of natural materials.


The biocera water ionizing jug works in several ways, it changes the water features as it filters and the water that goes through the filter. The filter cartridge works very differently from the traditional filter cartridge, which usually leaves the filtered water very acidic, which we think is not healthy for the body.
The Biocera alkaline water jug is an easy and inexpensive way to get healthy alkaline water, also known as very fluid because it adds plenty of hydrogen to water. Hydrogen is needed to allow the body to liquefy and remove acidic toxins. Good and high-quality water is the first thing that is, in addition, a very simple and at the same time a very effective way to change your overall wellbeing.


You can use antioxidant alkaline water when cooking, drinking hot or cold drinks, or washing fruit or vegetables.

“The best performance and optimal health aptitude depend on the ability of the body to maintain the body in a mildly alkaline state in virtually all cells and tissues of our body. Drinking four or six glasses of alkaline water a day will help neutralize your acidity and, over time, help restore the body’s natural balance “


-Susan Lark

We in Qi-Optima love the saying “Pure water is the world`s first and foremost medicine”

-Slovakian Proverb

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions30 × 12.5 × 29 cm


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