Biocera Eco-Friendly Washing Ball


EAN: 8809264519080

Key Features:

• Detergent-free laundry ball

• Restructures and energises water

• Saves time, water and energy

• May help with skin irritations

• Lasts 2-3 years




Biocera Eco-Friendly Washing Balls

Do your laundry as usual but without using detergent just with the .

The bio-ceramics in the Biocera Washing Ball restructure and energies the water, increasing its cleaning and deodorizing powers.

With this unique Washing Ball, you can reduce your use of synthetic detergent and save water, time and energy. What could be better?


What is the Biocera Eco-Friendly Washing Ball?

The Biocera Washing Ball’s round shape minimizes damage to laundry, while its antibacterial bio-ceramics help to restructure and energies water, increasing its cleaning and deodorizing ability. The bio-ceramics help to eliminate bacteria and mold, and also have a softening effect.


What makes ours different?

While there are several laundry detergent alternatives on the market, the Biocera ball is – to our knowledge – the only one using NSF-certified bio-ceramic minerals.


Who is it for?

The Eco-Friendly Washing Ball is recommended to those who might feel the benefit of reducing or eliminating their reliance on detergent and fabric softener. This might include individuals whose skin is irritated by the aforementioned products.

For best results, 2 wash balls should be used for loads over 6-7 kg


  • Use detergent at first and gradually reduce the amount until you are using no detergent
  • Use two balls when the load exceeds 6-7 kg
  • For better performance and longer life dry the balls after each use
  • With proper use the balls will usually last for 2-3 years after their first use


Source of information :  Water For Health UK


Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions24.5 × 11.5 × 11.5 cm


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