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Autonomic Response Testing


Qi-Optima specializes in Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a psychokinesiology technique that evaluates the energy body or bio-photon field. This method relies on muscle testing to analyze and inventory the autonomic nervous system, which includes the sympathetic, parasympathetic, enteric, and autonomic systems. ART helps to uncover subconscious imbalances or blockages in the energy field that may lead to health issues and negative thought patterns. With a holistic approach, Qi-Optima offers personalized programs that use Autonomic Response Testing to identify imbalances or blockages in your energy field and help you achieve your physical, emotional, and relationship goals. Book a free consultation to start your journey to wellness with the power of Autonomic Response Testing.



At Qi-Optima, we offer Autonomic Response Testing (ART), which is a method used in psychokinesiology to test the light/energy body. The energy body, or bio-photon field, is present everywhere, though we cannot see it with our naked eyes. The ART method involves muscle testing in psychokinesiology therapy/analysis or inventory, based on the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This system includes the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), enteric nervous system (ENS), and autonomic nervous system (ANS).

ART helps to open the subconscious and identify imbalances or blockages in the energy field that may cause health problems. Understanding the various parts of the energy field is crucial in identifying the root cause of health problems. The bio-photon field plays a significant role in the body’s functioning, and its understanding can provide insights into the root causes of health problems. Additionally, Autonomic Response Testing can help break the cycle of negative thought patterns.

If you are feeling stuck and struggling to achieve your health and life goals, Qi-Optima’s Autonomic Response Testing can help. We offer a holistic approach to addressing physical, emotional, and relationship challenges. To begin, you only need to book a free consultation with us, during which we will carefully go through your symptoms and goals. Based on this assessment, we will create a personalized program that includes Autonomic Response Testing. This program will be designed specifically for you to help identify imbalances or blockages in your energy field that may be hindering you from achieving your goals.

At Qi-Optima, we are committed to providing a convenient and accessible service to our clients. Wherever you are, we are here for you. Book your free consultation today and discover the power of Autonomic Response Testing.

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3 reviews for Autonomic Response Testing

  1. Mia

    My first appointment with Minja was through autonomous response testing. At the beginning, I wondered greatly about what this was. This changed when I set aside my preconceptions and noticed how precise the responses to my issues were in autonomous nervous system response testing.

    I had never seen anything like this before and became very interested in this testing method. I understood how important this testing is to find precise answers to the root causes of symptoms and to choose the best comprehensive treatment methods or products.

    This is truly an amazing and important “tool” in healthcare, through which you gain valuable information for the comprehensive care and healing of the body. The knowledge obtained through this testing is not attainable through other forms of treatment.

    I decided to undergo training in autonomous nervous system response testing myself a couple of years ago. I wanted to learn more about this fantastic tool. Learning this skill has helped me understand that not everything needs to be understood on a logical level and that our bodies are best equipped to answer our questions. Our bodies are amazing, and with the help of this tool, we can communicate with our bodies and receive precise answers to our health problems.

  2. Alina Minerva

    t took me some time, actually years, to really believe in this technic. It even seemed like a completely crazy idea at first, in my conscious mind.

    However, after finding numerous successful answers from me and from completely unknown people, whose confusion I have witnessed in collaborative projects with Minja, I could no longer doubt their correctness.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly question everything, especially myself, my beliefs, my actions, my thoughts, and also a little of my already made decisions and my life. At some point, of course, I also need to stop questioning and trust that what I feel, experience and know will be correct enough.

    I believe this muscle testing is as important a part of a holistic treatment as the eyes are in people’s heads. If we don’t really know the root causes of the problems, we will always treat only superficial symptoms, never really curing our problems.

  3. Alina Minerva

    Psychokinesiology has helped me manage my internal knots so well, that I probably wouldn’t believe my results if I hadn’t experienced them myself.

    We have treated ailments whose root causes stem from my childhood, as well as traumas in my family line, wounds from past lives, which appear as the most different and strange symptoms in my everyday life.

    I have received help for my relationships, my mysterious physical pains and knots in my emotional life, my self-confidence, and my traumas arising from various mental and physical violence.

    Minja’s empathic ability to put herself in my situation, her desire to really understand me and be there for me without unnecessary pity, is really healing in itself, let alone the fact that she´s able to talk to my subconscious, to bring out things from there, that my conscious mind is unable to realize.

    I have understood very well, during our many years of friendship and treatment relationship, that the results obtained from the treatment are created through cooperation.
    I have to surrender to the treatment, have to feel the feelings and I really need to do personal growth work even after the treatment, and not just expect a miracle cure in one sitting. All I haven´t done, and it shows! 😀

    I really wish that we as humanity would start to cherish humanity as a wholebeing in our healthcare, that we would focus especially on prevention through lifestyles in the treatment of diseases and that we would understand that health does not mean only the absence of obvious ailments and diseases, but an overall well-being.

    Higly recommend!

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