Aloe Vera Juice: The Natural Response to Digestive Health



Aloe Vera Juice is specially processed to prevent the loss of essential vitamins, minerals and other constituents. It nourishes the digestive tract and is good for the skin.





Aloe Vera Juice is very nutritious, since apart from the nutrients in its own, it contains salicylates and prostaglandins. Aloe benefits the intestinal system. Aloe provides relief to the walls that line the intestinal tract.

It contains many biologically active components that support the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients in the intestinal system. Many companies manufacture aloe vera, but many products on the market have lost the original plant profits due to high processing. Beware of aloe vera juices that claim not to have an unpleasant taste.

When this flavor is removed there is only one product that is only 10 to 15% aloe vera, at most. NSP Aloe Vera (full leaf) provides a higher level of mucopolysaccharides than the regular filleted leaf of aloe vera. Only strong cleaning components have been removed, leaving a high mumuco-polysaccharides content (7,000 mg per liter).


It nourishes the digestive and intestinal systems.
Calms the internal tissues of the digestive and intestinal tract.
It contains vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.
Supports the health of the intestinal system as a mild laxative and wound healing.
Calm the stomach burning.
Aloe vera soothes the tissues of the intestinal tract.

Drink 60 to 180 mL of Aloe Vera Juice daily, alone or mixed with water or juice; or drink 30 mL. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice mixed with 180 mL of water or juice four times a day. Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.
Liquid Chlorophyll; Bowel Build; Mineral-Chi Tonic


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