Alkalizing 2 Teabags


Key Features:

• Reusable alkalising teabags

• Each teabag lasts up to two months (120 litres)

• Changes water ORP

• Made from NSF-certified bioceramics


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Alkalising Teabag

These are not any old tea bags, they are Alkalizing Teabags. When the minerals in the teabags react with water, the alkalinity will increase and the release of active hydrogen will commence.

Composed of NSF-certified safe ceramic balls, Biocera teabags are reusable, lasting for up to 2 months each teabag.

Oh, and its minerals also emit far infrared energy to beneficially change the water’s structure. Brew-tastic!


What is the Alkalising Teabag?

The Biocera Alkalising Teabag is one of the most convenient methods of procuring alkaline water on the go. Simply leave the bag in a glass of cold water for five minutes and let the minerals do their thing.


What makes ours different?

The bioceramic minerals used in Biocera’s various water products have been certified to NSF standards. NSF International test, audit and certify products and systems to ensure quality.


Who is it for?

The Biocera Teabag is recommend for anyone desiring access to alkaline water wherever they are.



Simply leave the teabag in your glass or bottle of water for five minutes and the water is ready to drink.


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Ceramic balls for water purification and now alkaline cleaning appliances for the well-being market, Convenient shower heads and other products for the well being products that combat environmental pollution that cause disturbances in the body and build up of free radicals.

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