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Welcome to the Qi-Optima Dependency Campaign! We offer comprehensive treatment for addressing dependencies. Balancing brain biochemistry through amino acid analysis and personalized programs helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other addictions. Additionally, we provide psychokinesiology, coaching, and self-esteem courses to strengthen future goals. Join the campaign to receive amino acid analysis, a personal detox program, and treatment sessions at a discounted price.

The Addiction Campaign includes amino acid analysis and the creation of a personalized program for €49.90.
the implementation of a personal detox program for €49.90.
5 sessions of psychokinesiology 60 minutes each for €125 per session, totaling €625.
The overall cost amounts to €724.80.
but today you can obtain the entire package for the price of €549.80.



Welcome to the Qi-Optima Addiction Campaign! We want to broaden everyone’s understanding by stating that addictions are much more common than believed – in fact, everyone is dependent on something. For example, we are subconsciously dependent on our traumas, which is why people often find themselves in similar unpleasant situations time and time again.

We provide holistic care for individuals, acknowledging that breaking free from the vicious cycle of addiction is not an easy path. However, by utilizing all available knowledge, we greatly increase the chances of success. Our bodies require the construction of 60 different hormones from amino acids, and this process cannot occur without sufficient vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids.

In fact, numerous studies indicate that 98% of individuals can find relief from anxiety, panic disorder, pain, burnout, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, and addictions through the balance of brain biochemistry. This is a straightforward process that begins with completing an amino acid analysis. Afterward, you simply submit the results of the online analysis to Minja Zeus at Qi-Optima, who will create a personally tailored program to help balance your brain biochemistry.

Are you currently taking any medication or supplements? We still require an inventory to verify whether you can even use amino acids. They are not suitable for everyone, but we can always focus on specific foods that promote balance within your body.

We also recognize that overcoming addictions requires a strong desire, willpower, and commitment to change. Psychokinesiology is the most effective method for achieving this comprehensive transformation. We identify and address barriers to healing or explore alternative treatment options. Positive coaching and self-esteem courses are also excellent ways to strengthen your future goals.



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