90 days of a business plan


Do you have an idea or desire what you want to do for a living?

But you don’t know yet how what or when?

We are glad you have found your way to this awesome technique that is called 90 days of
a business plan which you can of course do on your own when you first learn the

When you open your membership on Qi-Optima you can get 2 hours of 90 days of a business plan for free!


When you want to open your membership on Qi-Optima you need to start by reserving your 5 question interview so that we can evaluate if your service, course, or products reaches our high standards.

5 Question intervew



In 90 days of a business plan, we will look at your business idea

Before the meeting you need to fill in these forms:

โ— Time management table
โ— Money management table


After you have paid for the Business plan meeting you will receive them and also
instructions on how to fill them out. You will save much of our time if you do fill them properly
in advance. Remember this plan is paid for based on the time used and it usually takes at
least 2 hours your time. But use these offer packages to get discounted prices for your


2 hours: 243,6โ‚ฌ
4 hours: 480โ‚ฌ
8 hours: 864โ‚ฌ


Minja Zeus is a very innovative person and she has very many ideas, sometimes too
many, so that they will drain her out.


Minja has been an entrepreneur since 2007 in a difficult market (healthcare industry). She took an undergraduate
apprenticeship as a merchant in 2013 and has been selling by phone since 2015. She has made living for her
3-person family since 2015.

Minja says that it is like hunting, you go to work so that you can stay alive!

This service is great because Minja Will give you a lot of ideas, tools, survival methods and her specialty is to build self-confidence.

We will be focusing on these topics:

How to make your customer pay you!

How to make them commited!

How to set your price right!

We also give solutions to your questions!


A good plan is like half did, sometimes itโ€™s hard to get good ideas for your own project point because itโ€™s so dear and has so much passion and affection for it.

It is very important to see if your working ways succeeds and use those techniques that really give you the results you want!

It works if you create this 90-day business plan every 90 days and develop, grow, and develop technologies, products, services, and courses.




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