6 Tissue Terrain Analysis


The 6 Tissue Terrain Analysis is a great way to learn all the Working systems in your body.


Digestive System
Hepatic system
Intestinal system
Nervous system
Glandular system
Immune system
Reproductive System
Respiratory System
Urinary System
Structural System
Circulatory System
Are they cold, hot, humid, dry,
over-stressed, or over relaxed.



All you need to do is to send your facial picture and pay the fee and you receive the results as soon as possible.

We are currently having a waiting list so approximately in 1-week you’ll receive the results.

This analysis will be done by Autonomic response testing By Minja or another Qi-Optima-qualified professional this analysis is made from steven Horne’s Book Comprehensive Guide To Nature¡s Sunshine product you will get the results This testing is done with the help of autonomic nervous system response testing as beta testing. And everybody’s system imbalance has a list of symptoms that you can use to check a few things yourself:


1. What body system imbalances are causing your symptoms


2. Which body system balance do you want to treat first That analysis is done from Steven Horne’s book Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products, and the treatment instructions are also from a muscle-tested book, read Lisa about muscle testing, or autonomic nervous system response testing, here:


Autonomic Response Testing


When you have paid €25, send your face photo for analysis. The best result when you combine it with External analysis:


External Analysis


Thank you!


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