5 Questions interview


In Qi-Optima we want to build a solid foundation of a functional and great network of professionals who work together seamlessly. This kind of goal is not an easy task to do!

For that reason, we are ready to use our time and effort to really find the correct persons to work on our platform.

We want to make sure we understand as professionals that customers may need many professionals’ guidance and expertise so we want to be able to see out the box to understand that we can`t own customers and that we support each other as professionals and we do respect each other.

We get ideas and create great projects together!

Without our acceptance, you can’t open membership on Qi-Optima.com




5 The initial interview of the question has been made for you in the following situations:


1. You want to grow your business:

By analyzing the questions, we can find out what kind of support you may need to reach your goals. It is also very important to have goals, not everyone is clear yet. This interview will help you find direction and then get a personalized guide on how you could start building your way toward your dreams. This guide may include products, courses, or services.


2. When you want to open a profile or store on Qi-Optima.com:

We have selected 5 questions for an initial interview to find out if that person’s profile is suitable for our site or whether that company is suitable for our site. We want high standards and high-level products, services, and courses and we are ready to spend time and effort finding just the right partners!


Show up on time:


This interview lasts about 30-60 minutes and is free of charge. However, to book an appointment you have to pay € 60.90, if you arrive at the agreed time and our time is realized we will pay it back to you € 60.90! This is not consultation or treatment or service time therefore 30-60 min is enough.
Free of charge time can be booked only once a year otherwise the interview is chargeable.


Note that:

Irrevocable time will be charged at the normal rate of 30 min x 2.03 € / min = 60.90 € ie the booking fee will not be refunded.
Cancel your booked time 24h before the meeting and there will be no charge.


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