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Super Food or Green food supplements are usually made up of vegetables and fruits that have been processed into powder or capsule forms.

Super Food supplements are usually taken in place of eating wholesome vegetables and fruits, specially since the supplement contains the same contents such as vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates and minerals.

Green supplement products are also made up from different types of grass such as wheat grass and barley grass that are rich in nutrients.
Other ingredients that are combined to process green food supplement include; alfafa, herbs, spiruluna, legumes and chlorella.

Super Food supplements

Due to the low number of people consuming vegetables, green food supplement offer the best solution to include in a well balanced diet.

The supplement is highly recommended to be taken after a meal especially when the diet does not include any fruits and vegetables.

There are many benefits of balancing a diet with green food supplement which include preventing certain disease that pose a risk especially when the body lacks nutrients that are available in vegetables and fruits.

Such diseases that can be prevented or reduced by taking vegetables and fruits include; cancer, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, obesity, high blood pressure/cholesterol and obesity.

Super Food supplement can also help in retaining the bones and muscle strength.

These types of raw food supplements are considered among the most organic ones, since the vegetable and fruit extracts are usually dehydrated and afterwards converted into powder form which is stored in capsules or tablets.

The powder processing procedure followed by manufactures to make green supplement usually includes harvesting the raw products, storing them in cool temperatures and afterwards sterilizing them before they are converted into powder form.

However, it is very important for manufacturers to carefully master the formulae in order to retain antioxidant and other nutrients present in veggies and fruits hence it advised to purchase green food supplement from accredited suppliers.

Non-balanced diet especially junk foods that are rich in protein are quite common nowadays though posing a serious health risk.
Such diet can increase the acidity level in the body to an alarming high rate if the diet is not properly balanced.

High acidity level in the body can cause health complications such as osteoporosis, obesity, growth hormone reduction and loss of body muscle.

The human blood is usually alkaline at normal conditions measuring 7.35 to 7.45 and a PH reading below 7 should be an alarm to take green supplement. However, intake of green supplement can increase the PH reading in the body to a more balanced level.

To measure the alkaline level in the body and know whether or not you are in need of adequate Super food supplement, one can determine via special kits by using saliva/urine sample.

Super Food supplement can be blended with different natural liquid such as juice, milk and water exempting alcoholic drinks.

Taking Super Food supplement as a substitute to veggies and fruits at least once a day especially after breakfast or lunchtime can show desirable results in staying healthy.

It is also important to thoroughly check out different Super food supplement products and counter-check to make sure they are legit and effective.


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