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Biocera comes from the word BIO and CERA. BIO collectively refers to all living things such as animals, plants, and mankind.

CERA comes from the earth, widely used in potteries, tiles, semiconductors, aviation, home appliances, artificial intelligence, and smartphones.

The symbol of Biocera is based on the shape of the Jade, used for the ancient Korean emperor; crown 2,000 years ago. The Jade was regarded as a medium to connect humanity and heaven, known the best treasure of all time.

The shape of the Jade is like a toddler, symbolizing the birth and prosperity of life.

The color green symbolizes nature and blue for advanced technology.

The harmony between nature and advanced technology symbolizes emery that contributes to the common good of mankind and further connects to space.

For a long time, ceramics, tiles, cement, and glass industries were called, “Yo”. “Yo” means the phenomenon of putting; Yang; inside the kiln(宀) firing(火) from underneath.

It is the transformation of outer and inner bodies just like firing pottery.

In modern eras, inorganic materials obtained from the soil are subjected to heat and pressure to form the desired shape and change the physical properties of its internal substance.

Particularly, ceramics that are mixed with metals and organic materials are being developed as well as composites.

All of our high-tech appliances around us cannot be operated without using ceramics.

In space flight, the core insulation to withstand the high temperature outside the spaceship is made with ceramics. Moreover, the frequency transmitter and receiver of the smartphones are also made with ceramics.