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Welcome to Qi-Optima’s online store!
Below this text you will see the logos of different companies, which you can click on to go directly to the company
homepage to buy products.
For some companies, you will be shown a website that tells a little about the company.
you will also receive a discount code from Qi-Optima, which you can use to get a discount from the company when you order.” Thank You.

The brands that are on the site have been carefully selected and the companies have not bought a place on the site. Years of experience with the company and great results are the reason why the links can be found on our homepage.

At Selected brands, we use these quality standards such as:

Good Laboratory Practice

 Good Manufacturing Practice

National Science Foundation

”Certified Organic, Ethical values and recycling are also important to us!
And of course, the fact that the products are clean and contain exactly what the label says..”

Don't know what you need?

Let us tailor a personal treatment program for you with autonomic nervous system response testing.
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”When ordering directly from Minja Zeus, you can take this offer into account. The offer is valid for 30 days from your order. The benefit is that you get the products of different brands in the same box and with one postage fee, and you get free treatment/monitoring time earned with your order.”

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