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Nordic Laboratories

Nordic Laboratories is the European distributor for the most comprehensively developed laboratory evaluations. As an independent, unaffiliated distributor, we assess the testing laboratories to ensure the highest degree of quality control, and that our tests are always the most reliable and clinically relevant.

Nordic Laboratories is the number one functional medicine test supplier in Scandinavia. Yet, our reach extends globally, as we maintain approximately 75% export sales with clients from the US to Hong Kong.

Laboratory Testing

Medical conditions arise from within the body, where they are often concealed from a practitioner’s external view. Laboratory testing offers practitioners a quantitative report of the patient’s physiology.

Each test is designed to detect one or more particular functions, ranging from cardiovascular health to toxicity to gastrointestinal and metabolic functions. With this insight into the internal workings of the body, practitioners can diagnose with more certainty, intervene more effectively, and treat their patients with greater success.

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Also in our healthcare professionals are usually using Nordic VMS service to restore data because of the data protection law. and this system is free to use for patients, customer of for practitioner.

Nordic VMS

Nordic VMS is our online, patient management system. The intuitive interface helps improve patient compliance and gain better treatment outcomes.

Practitioners: review and prescribe over 100 laboratory tests and 600 supplements; create individually tailored treatment protocols; add patient notes; and upload relevant patient data within one secure system.

Patients: access your own practitioner-designed treatment protocols; review prescribed tests and supplements; and pay online for products delivered directly to your door.

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