Niklas Christides

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Niklas Christides

Niklas Christides

international business mentor, DolceVitaGlobal eco-shop and -services founder

Experience 95%
Leadership 91%

Name: Niklas Christides
Country: Finland
Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish
Mastermind, leadership and strategy coach, serial entrepreneur and international business mentor, DolceVitaGlobal eco-shop and -services founder
Mindset: Making the world a better place, step by step, little by little…

Service offering
Leadership and awareness coaching
Operations control and optimization
Soft and holistic skills analysis and coaching
Finance, strategy, supply chain and risk management solutions
Wealth and life balance advisor

Projects: Presently in the process of shaping and launching state of the art DVG eco-village community

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I look at the world holistically and use my experience, knowledge and insight to firstly understand root cause of problems and challenges to which I then present sustainable organic solutions (where possible). My gift if you like, is filling in the gaps, understanding and seeing what remains hidden from sight for others. Lean thinking and awareness, as well as creativity to quickly identify and shape seamless solutions is one of my core strengths. Whilst change and reactiveness is essential in life I do believe we must respect the laws of nature and organic growth to truly rise to our full potential, which is why any solutions I provide tend to be organic in nature (ethical, progressive, creative and lean).
Where necessary I do use tools to gather and process data, however my vast international experience and perspective has presented me with the opportunity to make full use of dialogue for deciphering and understanding both people and problems at large. When it comes to leadership coaching I tend to emphasize the importance of balance, when body, mind and heart are in balance we open the gates to our soul or in other words allow us to gain access to our deep root knowledge storage.

When one seeks to resolve or understand anything in this world, it starts from self-reflection, but self-reflection on its own is not enough to find our path forward in life, which takes us towards a place and time where harmony (at least partly) is present. In a nutshell, I help people find and shape the path they have chosen to take in life and ensure it leads to desired outcomes. In my world, titles and seniority are not important because they do not represent people nor their identity. What really matters to me is whether one is brave enough to truly open their eyes and see the world for what it really is, because such a person can bring added value to the universal collective of which we all are part.

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Profession / Area of Expertise / Services
    Leadership and Awareness Coaching
    Business Management and Operational Design
    Finance Management and Data Handling
    Strategy and Business Structure
    Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
    Supply-Chain Management and Control
    Digital and Traditional Marketing
    Educator, Speaker and Instructor
    Product Lifecycle Management
    Sales and Service Modelling
    Artisan Chef and Kitchen Wizard
    Writer and Content

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