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Minja Zeus

Complementary Healthcare professional & Founder of Qi-Optima Platform.

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Name: Minja Maria Zeus

Country: Finland

Languages: Finnish, Spanish, English

Complementary Healthcare professional & Founder of Qi-Optima Platform

Services, products and courses in area:

Health, Wealth, Relationships and Growth

Free consultation:

First free conversation

Exterior Analysis

5 Questions interview –professionals who wants to come to the page as professionals.

My basic task in Complementary health care is searching what is preventing healing process whether it is emotional or physical; by making first consultations Analysis exterior / First free conversation and through that information I can guide you forward on different analysis like Health test, Amino acid analysis, and MRA-magnetic resonance analysis and different kinds of home tests.

I do the test through questions, making sure that all the aspects have been cove and verified, I also do a muscle test. Muscle testing means I’m communicating with the client’s subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind can respond by autonomic response system, making muscles tense and relaxing them this technique has been verified scientifically and all the psychokinesiology practitioners use it in a different way but with the same results.

This technique is the most accurate analysis and diagnostic tool. When I do psychokinesiology I can also do therapy always checking out if the thing that we are treating is getting done in order to move forward.

The idea is to remove from our subconscious those programs which are making your life’s to repeal subconscious feelings and thoughts. By making your dreams possible in your mind you are making your relationships, health and wealth possible too, remember it is only you who can make it happen, you will become the solution maker with my personalized program.

For business owners or who want to make extra money, I recommend my 90 days business plan, we do product development, pricing and the creation of new products (I recommended to do them every 3 months). I have a series of courses for sellers. I teach retail sellers to sell better, to be more confident, to be a complementary healthcare professional and work in qi-optima page in the near future.

The courses will come monthly and weekly. I’m also all the time looking for talented people and salespeople for the Qi-optima page.

Contact me for a free consultation (5 Questions interview) if you don’t know what choices to take, ask me first and I will find out what is best for you do not doubt, take action TODAY. Our professionals are here for you!

Profession / Area of Expertise


    Complementary Healthcare professional



    Educator and Instructor

    Professional in sales



You can reserve time to me on these services:

    Psychokinesiology analysis /therapy

    Muscle testing

    Health test

    First free conversation

    Exterior analysis

    Amino acid analysis

    MRA-Magnetic resonance analysis and results

    Business coaching and products development

    Coaching in business and health

    Talent searching and visionary.


Products provided through Qi-Optima platform, Only high-quality products from:


    Touch of synergy

    Nature’s Sunshine

    Synergy worldwide




Find out the origin of what is preventing the healing process whether it is emotional or physical, Different health analysis and results, personalizing programs for business, healing, Sales, high-quality natural products and electronics.

Integrative medicine, Chinese medicine, Herbal medicine, EFT, Psychokinesiology, Colour therapy, ART 1 and ART 2, APN 1 and APN 2, Muscle testing, Analysing from biometric body parts.

Important notice about experience:

Minja Zeus makes Silja Ballin Educated Version of Psychokinesiology. Psychokinesiology was developed in 1985 by German physician Dietrhight Klinghart, he is a physician specialized in neurological diseases and a psychotherapist since 1990.

The technique has been taught to physicians and naturopaths. In practice, we find out what is the obstacle to your healing, whether your problem is physical or mental. We test using ART = (Autonomic Response Test), which we call “muscle testing”. We test what balances this particular problem.

 Psychokinesiology can be used to analyse:

  1. Unprocessed traumas of the psyche
  2. Clogging of the energy body
  3. Food substance and environment allergies
  4. Geopathic stress and electrical stress
  5. Toxic stress
  6. Nutritional deficiencies
  7. Structural problems

Treatment is body, mind and soul level.

From experience, I have noticed that often traumas that are in the level of the psyche, the solution is in physical therapy and physical problems often are psychological care.

I recommend you to use complementary healthcare when you are open and willing to heal. We understand that you may have used a lot of medications and other types of therapy and you feel frustrated. Even if you do the right things healing needs patience because you really need to face the issues you have been hiding all of your life.

From 13 years of experience, I have helped with the healing processes in cases where many professionals could do nothing.

With complimentary healthcare, if you do follow the instructions you will feel better and you will be cured completely.

Our bodies’ constitutional law is if your quality or quantity of the food is lower, will come psychological symptoms even before physical.

I’m an Educator and instructor, I make courses online on Emotional education and guidance, self-confidence, emotional basic course, pregnancy course, Complementary healthcare basic courses, retail seller courses and much more.

ART= Autonomic response test

APN= Applied psychoneurobiology

EFT= Emotional freedom tapping

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