In Qi-Optima we think everyone has the right to be heathy and feel their best. What means health, healthy means that you can life your life fullest when you wake up you feel energized and pain free, your mind is clear and ready to focus on everyday life.

In order to get accurate and safe program. We want you to be healthy and when you are feeling better or you are healthy completely then we feel we have succeeded and we want to succeed and we know you can do it because we have seen in throughout the years that everything is possible if you put your mind in to it: Choose from here our ongoing growing selection on Courses, Services, Products That are all related to Health category.!

You couldn't get in better hands


Complementary Healthcare professional & Founder of Qi-Optima Platform.

Experience 95%
Health Care 91%

Doctor of Integrative Medicine and lipostructure, Master in Homeopathy with 40 Years of Experience.

Experience 100%
Integrative Medicine 95%