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We at Qi-Optima value high quality and Foodin’s success story is familiar to the whole of Finland. We also want to promote these great products worldwide. We do everything we can to provide our customers with the best quality ethically and ecologically. Our own warehouse is located in Spain. Order products with us in our warehouse so you can get super foods with your own orders. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will know when we fill our stock. Order directly from Minja!

Our Story

Foodin, founded in 2013, is a Finnish family business that produces and imports organic and natural foods and delicacies. The basic principle of our products is simple: they must be good for the wellbeing of the consumer, the farmer and the environment. Our mission is to “provide better food for a better tomorrow”. The aim is to make choices that shift us towards better days ahead – with over 250 different products and counting. Currently we rank as the biggest organic and natural foods producer and importer in Finland. 

We want to make available the best things our Earth has to offer. That means fresh, wild blueberries from Finnish forests as well as original cocoa from the depths of the Amazon. We do not exclude any part of the world in our search for edible treasure. Organically produced or wild-grown food is always a better choice for the environment. 

We take great pride in doing things ourselves. By investing in our own production, we enable a controlled environment where we can guarantee a high-quality production process, using only the best ingredients and unique recipes. In addition, we’re able to create local employment in our home town, Jyväskylä. Foodin employs 55 talented, hard working individuals, and our production runs on solar energy. We utilize geothermal energy, ground cooling and heat recovery systems. Sustainable production is one of our core values. 

Let’s make better, sustainable choices for ourselves, for others and for the environment. 

Better food for a better tomorrow. 



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