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What we all want is to find the origin of the imbalance


When we think of the law of attraction, our thoughts and feelings are transformed into vibrations. A vibration that attracts events. If we are not happy with our lives, changing this vibration will achieve our goal. So our whole life changes – by changing our thoughts and feelings. Everything in our health comes from the mental level, through subconscious programming and untreated emotions.

When you have an emotional imbalance, don’t wait. Choose to book your first free chat without commitments. When we carry out our services, we begin by identifying your dreams and goals. We will also look into what emotions you have stored in the nervous system preventing you from achieving your dreams and goals.

During our chat, we can design your personal program that may include Psychokinesiology, 12 Chakra Mirror Meditation, EFT, hoòponopono or a different therapist to make things work for you. We can explore the appropriate forms of treatment, analysis or therapy suitable for you.

We acknowledge that everyone is unique. Hence, it is all about your commitment in ensuring an effective result.

Don’t wait for your life to sort itself out, take control and sort it out!




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Here you can download the terms and conditions of the first conversation without cost or compromise and you understand how the different modalities works Minja Zeus offer on this page, always with the newest version of the contract, I remember looking at it there. Ask if there are any questions or comments “

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