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Why was Qi-Optima established?

Qi-Optima has been created to optimize your vitality through health, wealth and relationships for both customers and complementary healthcare professionals.

Who is Qi-Optima for?

Qi-Optima is aimed for everyone. It is a place where you will find everything needed in the complementary healthcare context, whether it a physical or an emotional need. Qi-Optima is also aimed at complementary healthcare professionals who want to promote their own trade. We value your expertise and want our collaboration to develop you even better.

What does Qi-Optima offer?

A comprehensive range of all TTH elements can be found in our stores, services and training:

  • Wide range of trade products that promote health
  • Complementary health care:
    • Mental Wellbeing
    • Physical Well-being
  • Interpersonal and emotional expertise:
    • A Relationship
    • Raising Children
    • Pet Care
  • Assets
    • New Earning Opportunities
    • Professional Portal
    • Training

How does Qi-Optima provide its services?

  • A personalized, personalized service that always starts with a free analysis based on the customer’s situation to determine the exact starting point.
  • Products will be shipped directly to your home via DHL to countries where DHL shipping services are available.
  • Appointing a video conference with a professional for mapping, treatment, reporting, guidance and counseling.
  • Online learning with an interactive learning platform to ensure your learning.

What benefits are there in Qi-Optima for the customers?

Guests easily receive all complementary healthcare-related training, care and service from the same location. In addition, there are personal development services, trainings and products, including digital marketing, business-relevant all training, services and guides, such as, for example, the Privacy, video editing, home page, newsletter and blog post.

What treatment methods are in use?

The best method of analysis is through investigating and mapping out the needs through high-quality complementary health services, treatments and tests such as psychokinesiology and muscle testing. Other test methods shall be used as appropriate.

What kind of earning opportunities does Qi-Optima offer?

  • Qi-Optima’s management continuously searches for more
  • Extensive additional opportunities for you to choose from
  • A whole new career
  • You want to become a complementary healthcare professional

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