External Analysis

Every symptom has an underlying thought or emotion

Did you know that every physical symptom has an underlying thought and feeling that is most often unknown to the person experiencing the symptom? Identifying the underlying symptoms is something that we know how to do here at Qi-Optima. We believe that it is essential to find the real cause of the physical symptom for which we have numerous tests, one of them is the External Analysis.


External analysis is based on visual as well as tactile interpretation, either from pictures or face to face muscle testing, where we communicate with the subconscious, using supplementary questions that help to map out the customer’s current situation. All this is done to get the best possible care program.
You will also learn to interpret some things within yourself. A written report (paid), will provide you with good material to study and interpret yourself and understand the absorption of nutrients within yourself. It will be of real benefit to you in the future to map out your developments.
The analysis is very personal and can really amaze you. Our bodies behave just like the plant’s, what goes on inside is reflected out such as nutrient deficiencies, gene weaknesses and strengths, and current status of your body. There are questions where we can ask to perform tests to confirm, for example, levels of amino acids, iodine and hydrochloric acid.

What is an External Analysis?

An External Analysis is performed by investigating the body for any apparent signs of nutrient deficiencies. With an External Analysis we are able to tell you if you have any mineral and vitamin deficiencies, what your hydration levels are, if you have any oil and collagen deficiencies, and even identify whether you have a problem with your bloodstream!

How is an External Analysis performed?

An External Analysis can be done either in person or by video conferencing. You will provide us with photos of your iris, nails, tongue, skin and face from which we are able to deduce:

The Nails

Everything in between the edges of your fingernails to their beds could be an indicator of a physical deficiency in the body. The signs on the nails’ can reveal things such as poor nutrient absorption and hormonal imbalances. We can identify vitamin deficiencies in the nails, and things such as zinc, vitamins B, lack of calcium and magnesium.

The Face & The Skin

Physical imbalance is always formed by the feeling of belief. From the face, you can see how you have supported your own weaknesses and strengths, both beliefs and physical body. 



The Tongue

In Chinese Medicine, analysing the tongue is a method of diagnosing disease and its patterns by visual inspection of the tongue and its various features. The tongue provides important clues reflecting the conditions of the internal organs. Observing the regions of the tongue, we can determine where the disease is located within the body.


“Eyes are a “window” into the body’s state of health.”

From the iris, we are able to see genetics, personal strengths and weaknesses, both physical and psychological, and understand what is going on in the body with the ability to distinguish between healthy systems and organs in the body and those that are overactive, inflamed, or distressed.

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As mentioned earlier analysis can be done through face-to-face or video conferencing. The best thing is when pictures are taken, you can compare your process.

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The external analysis free. 

If you want a written report it costs 25 €, this way you can also learn to analyze yourself.