External Analysis Conditions


This Agreement is an agreement between You and the Complementary Healthcare Practitioner (CHP) Minja Zeus.
As of the moment you check to agree, the practices set forth in this Agreement will remain in effect until otherwise reported. Notification shall be in writing through a new agreement, otherwise this agreement will be correct and binds both parties.
We always take the laws of the Privacy Act seriously and are well aware of them. We respect your privacy with due respect and we will take all necessary security measures such as password encrypted files and program access to Nordic Laboratories.
We are not doctors and we do not make diagnoses. We are trained and qualified practitioners who do analyses and muscle testing. Our guidelines promote the healing process.
By checking the box of this Agreement notice
You authorize us to analyze your health through external analysis of the iris, face, skin, tongue and the nails. The analysis is done either face to face or through photos and video conferencing. By providing us with your photos you accept and authorize us to perform your analysis. You have full discretion as to how long we will keep your personal information. If you do not want us to keep your information, then it is a good idea to keep it for yourself, as you start to your treatment program, your facial features, iris colour, tongue and skin, and nails will change. Compare your own progress later.
If you have not paid for the external analysis report, then a clean report will not be compiled.
When we share information to you, it will either be shared through a secure file sharing platform or emailed to you encrypted.

You will be handed a full report of the external analysis through a secure transfer after the appointment. From this report, you can analyze yourself and your own development.

If you pay the 25€ fee for the External Analysis through our website www.qi-optima.com, your customer information will be processed by Qi-Optima in accordance to the general terms and conditions, and the privacy policy, respecting the current General Data Protection Regulations. 

Provided you personally perform this external analysis directly, then all paper files will be provided to the customer and the analyst will not retain his or her information and it is the customer’s responsibility to retain the material. Once this agreement is signed, customer information may be retained the time needed, as directed in the Privacy Policy, as long as the customer is a customer or until the customer wants to delete their data.

The information you provide is only for the use of the practitioner, but the practitioner may sometimes ask for assurance or advice from a third party. In these cases, we ALWAYS first ask the customer if this is permissible, and verbal approval of the matter is sufficient as it is referred to in this Agreement. 
We use the NORDIC HEALTH’s Customer Platform, which complies with privacy law and is easy to access.
Your personal information will be created for you, and your data will not be stored anywhere else in this program. You will be provided access details to log in yourself. You will be able to view and download all the compiled information of your analysis and treatments:
You can read the Privacy Act on their site here before signing in

For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Minja Zeus at: