Welcome to our Qi-Optima shop where you can find our premium products assortment specially selected with your holistic wellbeing in mind. We have over ten years of experience in helping people improve their way of life and especially health through constructive change to diet and lifestyle organically.


We source our ingredients locally from small producers, which is possible thanks to our owners Niklas Christides (based in Finland) and Rocco Parisi (based in Italy and Croatia).
For us quality is a core value, which is why we actually want to witness and evaluate the operation and production methods of all our suppliers, as well as understand the philosophy and ethos behind their business to ensure it meets our high ethical standards.
Our owners are both artisan chefs who understand in depth how ingredients work, not only in food and drink, but also in terms of impact to body, mind, heart and soul.


Making DVG the primary access point for high quality spices, herbs, salt, oils, bee products etc. presents our customers with an opportunity to truly explore what the wider and often hidden culinary world truly has to offer.
At DVG we embrace change and seek to evolve organically, which requires us to keep an open mind and constructive dialogue with both our partners and customers. We find that improving and safeguarding quality is one of the best ways to give back and show our partners and customers we truly care about them.
We also believe that community can, at its very best, enable seamless collective collaboration at a level that is pure and honest, which is why our aim is to make real collective collaboration between people and small business a reality over time.


The DVG mission > to act as a glue between people, health, lifestyle and culture, an honest collective effort, which will manifest itself as ever deepening purpose and awareness individually and collectively.
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