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Eudoxia Lopez

Doctor of Integrative Medicine and lipostructure, Master in Homeopathy with 40 Years of Experience.

Experience 100%
Integrative Medicine 95%

Name: Eudoxia Lopez Peral

Country: Spain

Languages: English and Spanish

Master in Homeopathy, Regenerative Medicine and Lipostructure

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  • Medical Director of the Biomedic Clinic.
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.
  • Doctor with 22 years of experience in emergencies at the SNU.
  • Master in Homeopathy.
  • Master in Regenerative Medicine and lipostructure.
  • Specialist in Neural Therapy and ozone therapy.
  • Expert in treatments with oncological hyperthermia, deep hyperthermia and corporal hyperthermia.

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Dr. Eudoxia Lopez Peral, medical director at Clinica Biomedic

Expert in homeopathy, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine and natural medicine

Doctor Eudoxia Lopez Peral

About me

Hello, I have a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Granada since 1981. I have training in family medicine and have been for 22 years assisting patients in the Emergency Department at SAS (Andalusian Health Service). I began to expand my training and my medical knowledge, deepening my specializations and broadening my horizons.

This led me to take courses in multiple therapeutic disciplines based on natural, complementary, integrative medicine and regenerative medicine. In the last 15 years I have been trained in different specializations such as neural therapy, ozone therapy, and different techniques in regenerative medicine, homeopathy and basic training on oncology.

Thanks to my experience over the years, I have been able to verify that the combination of these new therapies and treatments with conventional medicine notably improves the results in the patients to whom I have applied them.

For all this, I believe that the natural medina, new therapies such as oncological hyperthermia, deep local hyperthermia or body or whole body hyperthermia (which in recent years has been introduced in different hospitals due to its good results), ozone therapy and oxygen therapy and others represent a considerable advance in the field of medicine.

Day by day I work in my clinic to offer my patients all my knowledge and I try to help them improve, which for me is the main thing and which motivates me on a daily basis.

All the best

Dr. Eudoxia

 Training of Dr. Eudoxia Lopez, Collegiate Number: 29/3663

Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Granada, 1981

Expert in Neural Therapy, Malaga Medical College, 2007

Expert in Ozone Therapy, University of Seville, 2010

Homeospagyria specialist. 2014

Master in Regenerative Medicine and Lipostructure. 2016



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