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    “These products and treatments are not a substitute for the treatments and medicines prescribed by your doctor, complementary health care has come to supplement and therefore your professional must also tell you your medication carefully so that we can support your health in a way that does not interfere with the use of the medicine.”
    Please note that Qi-Optima is very proud of the services, products, and courses it offers. We do marketing with a sense of happiness, strong self-confidence, and bring ourselves out with joy. We have found that in some countries the concept of happiness is a foreign concept in marketing and we may be considered irresponsible. However, we take our work very seriously and carefully review all aspects of our client’s care. We adjust treatment programs individually, we communicate with the client’s subconscious using ART (= Autonomic Response Testing) technology developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

    Our recommendations apply to nutrition and treatments, and all testing is always done on the client’s terms.
    Our job is just to find out what is the obstacle to the healing process, and the client will get results if / when he is willing to let go of his own subconscious obstacles and ready to get rid of them.

    However, it is worth remembering that everyone has the right to choose whether or not they really want to get better – we cannot force anyone to do so.
    We, as well as numerous professionals in the field, have experience in the operation of treatment programs, and we have followed the same guidelines as well as used the ART method. In this way, we can provide you and your family with the best possible treatment programs.
    Make sure you understand what is meant by complementary health care.

    Complementary Health Care:
    Complementary health care means that it complements your regular health care services. We want to put into practice Hippocrates’ instruction: “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.”
    We know that there are five different levels in our body and we can have some kind of trauma at all levels, it is strange but quite common for a client to look for a solution to psychological trauma and awkward emotions, but usually, the next step is to care for, strengthen and cleanse the physical body. long-term stress may have eaten all the necessary hormones and nutrients, so the body needs reinforcement. It often happens that when a client has very physical symptoms, the treatment is very emotional – and almost invariably comes as a surprise to the client.

    To return to the words of Julia Ross (The Mood Cure): The basic law of our body is that if the quality or quantity of food decreases, we first get psychological symptoms, and only then do we notice physical symptoms.

    In complementary health care, our muscle test is a barrier to healing because we want to address the root causes of imbalance.

    See more information about our healing protocol here:

    This protocol shows that if someone’s body is weak – a person has cancer, for example -, it must first be treated off body level.
    The products we recommend for complementary treatment do not interfere with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, but on the contrary even eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy, for example.
    Once your body has reached a balance and your doctor finds you healthy, we can begin to treat the cause of the REAL illness, namely the mind, body, and psyche. Regardless of how you are treated, we always check your medicine before giving you treatment instructions and help you do what you should always do anyway: read the product information for your medicine so we know what chemicals you put in your body.
    For many consumers, it will not do so – despite calls from pharmacies.

    The programs we recommend to you are not just based on muscle testing, but on knowledge and clinical trials.
    We do not make unfounded recommendations.
    When you come to Qi-Optima, we will do our best to find the fastest route to your goals, whether they are related to relationships, wealth, or health.