Children may experience a variety of experiences that qualify as psychological trauma, traumatized childhood is a serious adverse experience.

Babies’ fevers are frequently brought on by viral diseases including the common cold, the flu, roseola, or respiratory infections.

Benefits and Uses of CBD oil by combining CBD or cannabidiol derived from the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) with coconut or hemp seed oil.

Measure your temperature every morning before getting out of bed for 5-7 days. Your temperature should be 36.6. If it is more, you overact.

How to write a blog Post that Rank in Search Engines – (9 Easy Instructions)

Addiction is a complex thing, because of the triggers, the source is often hidden from us. When a person experiences addiction, they lose control of an area in their life and instead become dependent on an action that can help them cope with day-to-day life.

Choosing to use high quality herbs, spices and salts is critical in life. To stay safe in a world that is rapidly depleting its own natural resources, quality is and has become a precious commodity.

If you don’t drink enough water that can led to dehydration and it could cause a whole host of problems. Here are a few side effects of not drinking enough water.

The E9 energy drink effectively promotes normal energy production in our body, and because of that it does not remove amino acids but in fact the effectiveness is to increases the missing amino acids, vitamins and herbs that speed up metabolism.

Aminoacid Analysis – Balance your brain chemistry in 48hrs –free from insomnia, panic Attack, burn out, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, addiction.

The Universe is unlimited as our mind is, and the money what we have now is just a reflection of our value of what we think of ourselves.

find out what is preventing the healing process whether the symptom is emotional of physical.

a comprehensive method for diagnosing the body and treating psychological trauma using a muscle test.

The lovely super coconut cookies are super easy and so delicious that I even recommend doubling the recipe

This Steven Hornes  here in this picture explaining very clearly when you treat symptom you are actually cutting the leafs of the tree.

Welcome finally to the course Basic education about emotions, which is aimed at children of all ages!

if we want to understand our body on an energy level and thus provide a solution to the problem.