Biocera is established in 1994 and is developed by a doctor.

Jeon Hyoung Tag, His specialty is Bioceramistry and has over 23 years experience.

We have developed a wide range of products, including nanoparticulate air purification catalysts, ceramic balloons and antibacterial products.

We perform NSF Certified Testers 42 Test for Ceramic Water Purification Balls

Biocera has become the first company in the world to have completed the NSF42 test.

Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag ǀ Founder & CEO ǀ BIOCERA

Biocera A.A Filters are Installed After RO.

Safety Valves Installed with Biocera A.A Filter.

NSF 42 Safety Certified Biocera Ball.

pH Alkaline.

TDS Mineral Increase.

ORP Negative Antioxidant.

Hydrogen Boosting.

PATENT Intellectual Property.

QUALITY Control .

Ceramic balls for water purification and now alkaline cleaning appliances for the well-being market, Convenient shower heads and other products for the well being products that combat environmental pollution that cause disturbances in the body and build up of free radicals. Including cancer, diabetes, skin ailments and stress. We have established a global network of partners in the USA. UU, Europe and the Asia region for mutual research and development and sales.

Contact Us Today, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the basic deoxidizer water purifier and its Korean biarchic balls. You can take advantage of our services by contacting us. and order the Biocera water treatment unit today!

10 Reasons Why you just need to drink ionic and alkaline water

Weight management – when you are well hydrated, your performance improves and your body therefore burns more calories. Studies show that your weight drops by about 6 kg every two months of your drinking water into this high-quality filtered, bioceramic, ionic and alkaline water.

Rejuvenate – because the water is absorbed better, so are other nutrients, water absorbs about 3 times more than regular tap water or bottled water so that is why vitamins and minerals absorbs better too, and thus the body can also neutralize free radicals because of that more effectively.

Heart Health and Blood Pressure – Help people with high blood pressure and cholesterol because alkaline water have a lot of minerals that balance and promote blood circulation.

Hydrates– studies show that hydrogen does not stay in any kind of bottle because it is gas witch will evaporate quickly so it needs to be added to water in a moment you are consuming water.

Cleaning – When water is well absorbed it will clean your tissues day and when the slags are removed it will also help your body to work better, your kidneys will thank you, as your metabolism improves your whole body works better.

Balancing PH – Your body is prone to illness And it can raise your metabolic ph level too high If your blood is acidic. That will increase the risk of getting kidney stones, diabetes, blood pressure, overweight.

While the alkaline body becomes immune to many diseases, such as cancer. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment.

Liver health – reduces oxidation in the liver.

Bones health – if the body is acidic body it is forced to alkalize the body by stealing calcium from the bones.

Digestive enhancement –studies show that alkaline water reduces the risk of colitis to diarrhea and constipation.

Performance – Increased performance is due to the body’s fluid balance, which gives you more energy, stamina and speed as well as faster recovery.

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