Amino Acid Analysis Services Page

Amino Acid Analysis Services Page

Amino acid Analysis Services FREE if you pass the test / 25€ if you are having imbalances

To balance your brain chemistry

To obtain the most reliable in this Amino Acid Analysis Services Page, today you can do it through our simple questions form and then of course you will receive a personalized program, only if you complete your information below:

What is your problem?

-Depression, pain, hormones, insomnia, exhaustion, addictions, thyroid, anxiety?

-Use Medications No / Yes (If you answered yes, you must reserve your time for the Inventory where we will read the muscle test and review all your medications very carefully before making any type of reservation for the program, this will cost you the time we use.)

The questionnaire has been taken from the book (the mood cure) in order to find out if you are lacking some amino acids that are building blocks for our hormones. Our bodies have to build 60 different hormones.

And when we notice our eating habits does not always be healthy lots of; sugar, Coffee, stress, aspartame.

Brains are also very sensitive to neurotoxins hat we are surrounded true air, water and from food.

In order to release toxins is always recommendable to do also emotional releases of traumas.

To receive complete program is recommended to do also your Exterior analysis to find out all the other imbalances that in your body might be.

Download the questionnaire. 

Read questions and notice that in the beguiling of the question there is a number so if you do agree on the question just calculate that number and when you have answered those 5 pages just send the result on this message box or true the e-mail

When you have answered this questions:

Did you get more then this points:

Part 1, 12 points

Part 2, 12 points

Part 3, 8 points

Part 4, 6 points

Part 5, 12 points


If your results show that you are having imbalances, then we will make you a bill of 25€ then our professionals will make to you a personalized muscle tested program based on your answers.

You can test hormones true the Nordic Laboratory as well

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