3-Month Couples Therapy Packages

Light Set Package: Every 3 weeks, 100 minutes x 4 = 400 minutes, price 600 €. Savings: 412€ when purchasing the package.

Standard Package: Every 2 weeks, 100 minutes x 6 = 600 minutes, price 900 €. Savings: 318€ when purchasing the package.

Have you noticed that your partner often resembles one of your parents?

At Qi-Optima, we follow the ideology of Hendrix Harville’s book “Getting the Love You Want.” Harville offered a very different perspective on couples therapy as early as the 1980s. He recognized the inefficiency of traditional methods and experienced his own divorce. A new approach was needed to solve relationship problems.

According to the book, the purpose of our lives is to learn and grow. As children, we absorb a lot of observations from our surroundings, but as we mature, our ability to observe decreases to about 20 percent. Our parents shape us, and their ways can cause us trauma. We want to understand why these situations hurt us, so we often recreate similar experiences.

Intensive Package: Every week, 100 minutes x 12 = 1200 minutes, price 1200 €. Savings: 1236€ when purchasing the package.

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