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Unblock healing - activates natural self-repair.

Natural healthcare for family and pets, covering physical, emotional, psychological, DNA, and spiritual aspects.Complementary, effective, and affordable.

What do you want to improve in your life?

-Holistic Health
-Natural healing
-Complementary therapies
-Herbal medicine
-Chronic illness
-Weight loss
-ADHD, ADD, Autism, Psychosis
-Moving disabilities

-Parenting techniques
-Emotional intelligence
-Child development
-Family dynamics
-Parent-child communication
-Stress management parents
-Growth mindset
-Self-improvement for parents
-Personal growth

-Small business advice
-Business strategy
-Business growth
-Leadership development
-Sales consulting
-Business coaching
-Marketing consulting

-Communication skills
-Conflict resolution
-Trust issues
-Intimacy issues
-Family Counseling
-Emotionally focused therapy

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Get a personalized program tailored to your unique needs. Skilled therapists use Autonomic Response Testing to identify the root cause of your hindrances. Enjoy effective outcomes with ongoing flexible care from a trusted therapist.

Book and reschedule appointments directly through the app. Need assistance between sessions?
Message us for support.

You don’t have to do it alone. Our plans include regular check-ins, new strategies, and progress tracking to ensure you stay on track.

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taru vuorela
Kun haluat poistaa sairauksien juurisyitä, esteitä paranemisen edellä, Minja Zeus ja psykokinesiologia on aivan huippu! Olo kevenee ja paranee. Minja katsoo lihastestauksella myös sopivat hoitoa tukevat aineet, jos on tarvis. Mahtava parantaja, olemme monta hoitoa tehneet ja suosittelen sydämeni pohjasta!
Camilla Penttinen
Minja on taitava tiedonsaaja lihastetuksella saa mihin tahansa elämän kiperiin tilanteisiin. Lihasteststus antaa meidän oman sisäisen viisauden tulla ulos ja löydämme paranmisen tulos. Sopii kaikille. Kannattaa jättää ennakkoluulo syrjään ja uskaltaa mennä mukavuus vyöhykeen ulkopuolelle. Olen tuntenut Minja Zeus yli 11 v jos ei kauemmin. Ensimmäiselle ilmaiselle keskustelu ajalle Kannattaa tulla kokeilemaan, miltä Minja tuntuu hoitajana. Saat tuloksia etukäteen ja monet saavat apua tuolta ensimmäisestä ilmaisesta keskustelu ajalta vaikka todelliset tulokset tulevat kuin alkaa noudattaa omaa henkilökohtaista hoito ohjelmaa! ☀️
Heidi Silvennoinen
Kolmas kerta Minjan hoidoissa. Oloni paranee joka kerta paremmaksi. Viimeisen hoidon jälkeen olen nukkunut yöni kuin tukki, aivan fantastinen olo. Suosittelen todellakin
Lidia Silvestre
Tenía mi menstruación muy abundante y cada mes iba a peor contacté con Minja Zeus(Qoptima) y me hizo un programa personalizado con la dosis adecuada para mí problema con Yarrow Aerial Parts y mejoré en mis periodos desde el primer mes q comencé a tomar el producto.Recomiendo para otras mujeres que tenga mi mismo problema que contacte con Minja y en poco tiempo tendrán mejoría.
Edson Drago
Ha sido una gran satisfacción haber conocido eltrabajo de Minja. Hacía tiempo no encontraba alguien que consiguiese proporcionarme seguir el desarrollo desde donde había dejado en el pasado. Estoy muy satisfecho y sigo con el tratamiento, encantado con mis resultados. Muchas gracias, Minja!
Aapo Summanen
Minjan psykokinesiologia on avannut uusia ulottuvuuksia ja näkemyksiä maailmaan. Olen saanut työstettyä juurisyitä jotka hidastivat kehittymistä ja parantumista. Nyt pääsen vapautuneemmin eteenpäin. Myös lihastestaus on auttanut merkittävästi varsinkin yksilöllisesti parhaiten sopivan ruokavalion löytämisessä 🙂 Kiitos innokkaasta avusta 😉
Minja es una persona con mucha fuerza, si enfoque y abordaje es holístico y por consiguiente mucho más completo que la medicina tradicional. Sus conocimientos son amplios y maneja varias técnicas en las que podrás confiar más o menos pero siempre genera bienestar instantáneo. Muy recomendable
Pepe Gonzalez
I have enjoyed to be in contact with Minja and knowing her. We have practiced yoga on the beach and it was effective. I received also measureramend with magnetic resonance analizer machine from there I received lot's of data of my self, and I can recommend it to others too who need to know about their health more and specifically. I have used Nature's Sunshine and Touch of Synergy products and I recommend omega 3 from touch of Synergy I really like that. We also made interesting interview on the beach to my life event hopefully we will see it online soon ☺️
Bea Kiefer
Qui optima is taking care of your physical discomforts, pains and malfunctions in a holistic manner , by analysing very specifically and individually . The treatments are costum made. The first analysis is free and the detailed one very affordable. Alone the analysis results will give you clarity about the cause of your problem. Minja is very thorough , reliable and resourceful.
Guido Pulzone
Excelente negocio donde pude apreciar muchos aspectos y patrones del éxito 🤩

Is Complementary Healthcare Suitable for Me?

Complementary Healthcare is for everyone, as our bodies possess remarkable healing capabilities.But our minds can also create illness or aid healing.For instance, cancer patients often have suppressed anger. With our proven techniques, we can identify and address emotional or physical obstacles that block healing.This activates our natural auto-healing power, restoring our health and well-being.

Is it possible to pay for treatments in installments?

Yes, it is. However, the plan will be charged at the normal price and can be paid in 1-3 parts. You will receive only the part of the plan that has been paid for.

Can I get Government Economical support?

We do not have government support available for our treatments.Our approach is rooted in Natural Science, which recognizes the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our focus is on supporting health through natural means such as cleaning and nourishing the body. While synthetic drugs may be recommended in rare cases, we view them as a last resort due to the potential risks involved.

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mental health resources and self-care advice

Unleash the potential of your energy life force

Transformative Therapy

Get one-on-one support from anywhere via video or phone for deep, transformative healing

Normally 690€
introductory offer: 450€

💠We use Autonomic Response Testing, also called muscle testing, to find the best technique for you. Our techniques work well and usually require fewer sessions.

💠We’ll make a custom plan for you based on your needs. This package includes 5 hours of treatment, taking 3 to 10 sessions, depending on your situation.

💠We’re available on WhatsApp every day from 7 AM to 10 PM. Send us voice and text messages to report your symptoms and get quick help with your progress. We’ll also let you know if you need urgent therapy sessions.

Therapy and supplements Combine

The most proactive approach to long-term care incorporates all the features of both plans.

Normal price 514€
introductory offer: 315€

💠We do an Amino Acid analysis that’s crucial for producing 60 hormones. To achieve this, the right nutrition balance is important.

💠We also offer a six-tissue terrain analysis that checks 11 body systems such as cold, hot, stressed, etc. Based on the results, we’ll suggest solutions to balance them and reduce your symptoms.

💠You’ll also get 3-hour therapy sessions tailored to your needs, determined with autonomic response testing. You can do the sessions on video or by phone.

Herbal Medicine

Our team has experience dealing with serious chronic illnesses that synthetic drugs don’t always solve.

Normal price: 750€
introductory offer: 620€

💠We study your current programs and do autonomic response testing to create an inventory of 30 supplements or medications. We prioritize natural options to avoid harmful side effects and offer feedback for your doctor.

💠Amino Acid analysis is done to ensure balanced hormones, which are vital for wellness. We also do a six tissue terrains analysis to evaluate your 11 body systems for balance.

💠 Based on your symptoms, we offer tailored programs like heavy metal cleanse, Candida cleanse, Parasite cleanse, general cleanout, or weight loss.